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All things Cliniko that are newsy and noteworthy.

  • 2022: Mid-year review

    We can't believe that 2022 is more than halfway through! Here's a recap of all the latest Cliniko news, updates, and feature launches from the past seven months.

  • Together we’ve raised $87,259 for Ukraine

    Over the course of a week, you gave a total of $AUD 37,259 to humanitarian and animal welfare causes. As promised, we'll be matching that amount—read on for the full update!

  • Cliniko is matching your donations to Ukraine

    We are devastated by the news coming out of Ukraine and want to help. For one week, we will match all of your donations to humanitarian and animal welfare organisations working with those affected by the conflict.

  • Telehealth is staying free!

    Telehealth in Cliniko is staying free. We originally launched it as “free for now”, but we’re dropping the “for now”.

  • Cliniko has donated $1 million to charity

    Cliniko was founded without a grand plan. But it’s always been important to us that the world should be a better place with Cliniko in it, rather than the other way around.

  • What's new in Cliniko?—June 2021

    Here's an overview of what's new in Cliniko from June 2021—did you know it was our 10th birthday? Check out all the updates and news you may have missed during the month!

  • Things you might have missed in 2020 (the good bits)

    Here it is, our annual recap of the features and educational material we’ve released over the past year. Come check out what we were up to in just might discover something you hadn't heard about yet!

  • Record your refunds in Cliniko!

    Sometimes you need a quick and easy way to create a credit note or record a refund. Well, now you have one! Check out this post (and the included video) to see how it all works and where you can find step-by-step instructions.

  • Add signatures to patient forms!

    Getting signed forms from your patients has never been easier. Once received, your patients can digitally sign on their computer, tablet, or mobile phone, and submit their signed form right back to you.

  • Telehealth is free for now. It’s not a trap!

    Wondering why we're not charging for telehealth? The short answer is that we're not sure how much it will cost us to run yet. In this blog, our founder Joel explains more about how the fee will be calculated if we need to begin charging.

  • Secure patient forms are here!

    Secure patient forms are here. Learn more about when to use them and how you can set them up in Cliniko with our latest Tip of the Week.

  • Telehealth is now live in Cliniko!

    Set up video consultations with your patients using our new telehealth feature. We've designed it to be secure and easy to use, and right now it's free.

  • Telehealth is coming to Cliniko!

    Telehealth is coming to Cliniko to help you through this difficult period, and it will be free of charge for now. Read the announcement in full.

  • COVID-19 & Cliniko

    A message from our founder Joel Friedlaender on Cliniko's initial response to COVID-19, including a link to our communication hub.

  • Australia is on fire & Cliniko would like to help

    I'd love to be doing a Happy New Years post, but as you likely know, Australia is on fire right now. There are devastating fires around the country, and many people are in need of assistance. We've found a couple of ways we'd like to offer some help.

  • We made some mistakes with the new log in changes

    We recently released some changes to the log in workflow when logging in from the Cliniko website. These changes caused unexpected problems for many, and we're sorry to you all. We will do better in future.

  • 2019: A Cliniko year in review

    Well, it happened again. Another year has come and gone. And what a year it’s been! 2019 was jam-packed with all sorts of fantastic happenings. Come along with us as we take a moment to reflect on the past twelve months and the wonderful changes we’ve seen!

  • Group treatments together with patient cases

    Cliniko now allows you to create "cases" for your patients—essentially, you can organize a series of appointments (and all of their related "materials", such as invoices, notes, and more) into neat little packages that make it easy to sort through what…

  • Beyond The Orphanage & Cliniko launch EmPower laptop project

    Beyond The Orphanage (BTO) have begun the rollout of their EmPower program. Through “EmPower” Cliniko has provided laptops for children and also ongoing training including learning how to code. BTO's Alison Stieven-Taylor interviews Cliniko's Rachel about the program.

  • We're hiring!

    Hello everyone! It's an exciting time here, we're looking to add a few more people to the Cliniko team. We're not a business that grows for the sake of growth.

  • A recap of “Ask Joel Anything”

    While you can read the entire AMA over on the Community, we’ve consolidated some of the most popular questions and answers right here on the Cliniko Blog. Read on for Joel’s straight and honest (his words!) answers.

  • New labels for upcoming appointments!

    Within a patient’s list of appointments, you’ll now see an little label if the appointment is in the future: This should make it easier to see, at a glance, what someone has on the books for the future!

  • You can now record all of your communications in Cliniko!

    Have you ever chatted with a patient — over the phone, perhaps — and wished that you could record some notes about that conversation in Cliniko? 📝 Well, the wait is over — you can now record all of your communications!

  • Practitioners can now be notified of ALL new appointments!

    If you’re a practitioner, you can now receive notifications for all of your new bookings — not just ones made online! 🎉 Previously, new booking notifications could only be sent out if a patient made the appointment themselves.

  • Body charts are here!

    The time has come. Body charts are here! 🎉 💃 🙌 🤗 😍 That’s right, folks. You can now use body charts in your treatment notes!

  • API changes and more in Cliniko This Week

    Hello, Cliniko Family! We have a new set of changes and updates for — all covered in Cliniko This Week 😍! Including changes to our API, how we sync Payments to Xero, booking with Inactive Practitioners, and more.

  • Tax Amount added to Data Exports 🙌!

    Initiate your best celebration dance…. Cliniko This Week is back 👏! We’ve added some exciting changes to our Data Exports and have a number of fixes to share with you!

  • Why Cliniko has partnered with Beyond the Orphanage

    Hello everyone! It’s Joel from Cliniko here, I just wanted to share a little from a very emotional and inspiring experience we had the other night. I’d really appreciate you reading through this one if you have the time.

  • Zombie Lord Returns with Custom Titles

    Custom Titles are now here 🙌! That’s right, whether you have a Princess 👑 or even Zombie Lord 🧟 (welcome back, buddy) you can add ANY Title within Cliniko.

  • Cliniko Bug Fixes

    Our developers have been busting bugs left and right this week! If you had certain issues with Invoices, Patient Exports, Referring Doctors, or SMS messages — they got your back 😎. I’m covering everything that has been fixed in Cliniko This Week!

  • New Patient Export & Privacy Settings

    This past week we released an amazing new export option for Patients 💪! If a Patient requests a FULL download of their data, this is the feature for you!

  • Patient Names showing as Initials!?

    Have you noticed patient names are now appearing as initials on your browser’s tabs 🤔? This is a recent change to prevent someone from viewing your browser history and potentially obtaining a list of patient’s you’ve seen.

  • GDPR compliance update for the week of 23/04

    It’s a month until the GDPR compliance regulations kick into gear and we’re well on the way to becoming compliant! Here’s an update on what we’ve done, what we’re doing, and what’s on the cards for the upcoming month!

  • Cliniko This Week — Reports, Products, Xero, and Online Booking

    UPDATE ALL THE THINGS 🤩! Ok…not “EVERYTHING” 🙄 but this week there have been a number of updates. I’m breaking those down for you in Cliniko This Week. This week’s updates, changes, and fixes includes Reports, Products, Xero, and Online Booking.

  • Cliniko This Week — MailChimp, Xero, Online Booking, and GDPR

    Chooo! Chooo 🚂! The Update Train is at the station and Rachel is here with your ticket 🎟, in Cliniko This Week! Covering changes to MailChimp, Xero, PDFs, and Online Booking 🖥! As well as the May 25th deadline for GDPR! Not sure what GDPR is 🤷‍?

  • Cliniko This Week — 16th February 2018

    Do we have a treat for you 🍭!!!! This week we’ve released some new keyboard shortcuts for Appointments, changes are coming to our API, and you can now cancel instead of delete patients from Group Bookings 🙌🤩🙌!

  • Cliniko This Week — 9th February 2018

    Need some more excitement for the weekend 🤔? Well… in Cliniko This Week, Rachel is bringing a special surprise for us all 🎁?!!? A BODY DIAGRAM CHARTS PREVIEW 😱!!! That’s right, get a sneak peek preview of what’s coming!

  • Cliniko This Week — 12th January 2018

    It’s a new year so what better way to celebrate than this week’s episode of Cliniko This Week 😎?! Rachel is back with the updates that took place over the holidays — including changes to the patient search and the brand new Payment Summary Report 😍!

  • Cliniko Outage

    On Monday, January 8 between 10:05AM and 10:28AM Cliniko experienced an outage. All times are in UTC+11. First up, we’d like to apologise for the interruption. We take issues like these very seriously.

  • Cliniko This Week — 15th December 2017

    It’s the final countdown ⏱!!! We’re getting close to the end of the year but that doesn’t mean we’re stopping our updates! In fact we have a sleigh FILLED with them 🎁!

  • Cliniko This Week — 8th December 2017

    I hope you had your coffee or tea today ☕️😂! Rachel’s caffeinated energy is back with another episode of Cliniko This Week! Covering the updates to the Appointment Types’ color picker and Print button.

  • New Cliniko Community and a fresh new support site

    Over the past month, you may have noticed some changes in how you experience support! We’ve launched two things that we’re pretty stoked about! A new space for the Cliniko Community. A new support site! Why are we excited about these things?

  • Cliniko This Week — 1st December 2017

    Let’s get this party started 🎉🕺💃🎊!!! This week has been filled with some amazing updates and news! Rachel is back with a recap and preview of changes in Cliniko This Week!

  • Cliniko This Week — 20th October 2017

    Another week — so another episode of Cliniko This Week 😍! Rachel is covering all the changes including updates (as well as future news) about File Attachments as well as all the bug squashing that took place 🚫🐛🚫!

  • Cliniko This Week — 13th October 2017

    What do Koalas, The Matrix, and Creepy Clowns have to do with Cliniko 🤔? Find out in this episode of Cliniko This Week 🙌!!! Rachel dives into the updates and changes as well as how to add emojis throughout Cliniko — without a phone 📵!!

  • Cliniko This Week — 22nd September 2017

    Everybody, dance now 💃🕺! This week’s episode of Cliniko This Week is now available 🙌! Rachel will be covering updates that took place and how to build custom Online Booking URLs — oh my 😱!

  • Cliniko This Week — 15th September 2017

    Excited for the weekend ☀️!? Enjoy the sunshine and join Rachel in this week’s episode of Cliniko This Week 😎! For the Tip of the Week, she’ll show off how to dictate notes on Apple and Android devices 🎙+📱=🙌!! Say goodbye to tired thumbs 👍👍.

  • Cliniko this week — 8th September 2017

    Hhhhhhhhiiiiiiii Cliniko Family 👋😍👋!!! Want to know what took place this week? In this episode of “Cliniko this week”, Rachel will take you on a tour of the updates — including changes to the ⏳ Waitlist and more 🙌!

  • Cliniko this week — 1st September 2017

    “Cliniko this week” is here again! Rachel let’s you know all that’s happened with Cliniko this week. She even has a great tip about taking photos on your phone and getting them straight into the patient record in Cliniko.

  • Cliniko support, where you need it

    We’ve been helping people use Cliniko for almost 6 years now. In that time we’ve made significant improvements to the support we provide. We respond faster and more accurately than ever before. But we can still do better.

  • What’s New in Cliniko — November 2016

    Welcome to our update on Cliniko and the team! We’ve been busy through October, so let’s check out what’s happening behind the scenes, and what’s new and how it can benefit you! Firstly, let’s find out what’s new in Cliniko right now!

  • What’s New in Cliniko — October 2016

    Welcome to our update on what we’ve added to Cliniko in the last month! We’ve been busy through September, so let’s check out what’s new and how it can benefit you!

  • What’s New in Cliniko — September 2016

    Welcome to our update on what we’ve added to Cliniko in the last month! We’ve been busy through August, so let’s check out what’s new and how it can benefit you! You can now book your Patients into multiple Group Appointments at once !

  • What’s new in Cliniko — August 2016

    There have been a lot of developments within Cliniko since our last major update, so I thought I’d round up all the details for all the people using Cliniko right now! Here’s a quick summary of major changes made in Cliniko lately.

  • What’s new in Cliniko — December 2015

    Since our last update, there’s been a lot of work completed behind the scenes, with a number of changes that you may not be aware of! Here’s the rundown: Changed our hosting provider .

  • August 2015 - Cliniko Recent Updates

    Well, do we have some updates to share! It’s nearing the end of August and the entire Cliniko team has been hard at work, updating bits and pieces of the program to be better than ever (and adding a few new features, as well!).

  • Cliniko Recent Updates - January 2015

    So far, 2015 has been a huge and exciting year for us at Cliniko — and we’re only a month in! If January is any indication of what’s to come, we’re pretty excited about the next eleven months.

  • Cliniko Recent Updates - December 2014

    Happy new year, everyone! Over the past couple of months, we’ve been super busy and we’ve released some awesome new (and highly sought-after) features! Here goes… We improved an issue with Xero and synchronizing invoices and payments from a previous date.

  • May 2016 - Cliniko Recent Updates

    Time is flying! We’ve released a whole bunch of updates over the last couple of months. Settle in with a cup of tea, because this list is quite long. Without further ado, here they are!

  • Redesigning the appointment

    We’re currently working on redesigning how the appointment looks in the calendar. Specifically the form you see when creating or editing an appointment, and also the popup you get when clicking on an appointment.

  • April 2015 - Cliniko Recent Updates

    Well, it’s been a while since our last update! We’ve been up to a lot of good stuff over the past month, and there’s no shortage of updates and changes to Cliniko!

  • Cliniko Recent Updates - February 2014

    Hi everybody! It has been an exciting few weeks here are Cliniko and our development team has been very busy. We have released several new features and updates! New dashboard design and new larger fonts.

  • Cliniko Recent Updates - January 2014

    Hello all! I am back after a bit of a hiatus. Lots of exciting features have been released since my last update. You can get fully caught up here . Without further ado here are some recent changes. Added a provider number field to the contacts section.

  • Cliniko changes week ending 6 November 2013

    It is time once again for your weekly Cliniko update. We concentrated on fixing a few bugs and preparing for our rollout to the new online bookings tool. Changes this week.

  • Cliniko changes week ending 30 October 2013

    Hello all! Time for your weekly Cliniko update. Just a week until our Cliniko meet up in Melbourne. I have about 50 things on my to-do list before I leave so my post will be short this week. Features Additional placeholders for appointment reminders.

  • Cliniko changes week ending 23 October 2013

    Hello everybody! Time for your weekly Cliniko update. I have a lot to talk about this week as we released several new Cliniko features. Here is what we worked on this week. Features Sequential invoice numbers.

  • Cliniko changes week ending 16 October 2013

    Another week has flown by already, so it is time for your weekly Cliniko update. No real updates to report. Don’t worry though, our developers have been hard at work on some larger features that will be released soon. More on that next week!

  • Cliniko changes week ending 9 October 2013

    It is time for your weekly Cliniko update. This time next month I will be in Melbourne at our Cliniko meet up. I cannot believe it is only a month away! Once again our development team has been really busy.

  • Cliniko changes week ending 2 October 2013

    Hello again! Bart Lewis here with your weekly Cliniko update. Can you believe I have been with Cliniko over a month now? It feels like I just started yesterday. I really enjoy talking to all of our customers!

  • Cliniko changes week ending 25 September 2013

    Hello everybody in Cliniko land! Bart Lewis here with your weekly Cliniko update. The development team has been in full swing this week releasing feature updates and bug fixes. Here is what we released this week. Added support for the Sri Lankan Rupee.

  • Cliniko changes week ending 18 September 2013

    Hello everybody! Bart Lewis here with your weekly Cliniko update. This week was a very exciting one at Cliniko. We had a major feature release and our Xero Integration was included in their add-on directory! More on that in a bit.

  • Cliniko changes week ending 11 September 2013

    Hi everybody, Bart Lewis here with your weekly Cliniko update. Only one small fix to report this week. Don’t worry though our development team is busy working on a change to treatment notes that everyone is going to love.

  • Cliniko changes week ending 4 September 2013

    Hi everybody. Another week has gone by and I cannot believe how fast time flies. The Cliniko development team has been busy this week releasing new features and bug fixes. Without further ado, here is a list of this week’s changes.

  • Cliniko changes week ending 28 August 2013

    Hi Folks! Here is my weekly installment of changes to Cliniko. I am into my second week of Cliniko support and things are going well. I really enjoying talking to our customers, such nice folks.

  • Lots of Cliniko Updates!

    Hi All! Bart Lewis here. As you can see below I just started with Cliniko in support. One of the things I want to do is update the blog more frequently. I would like to put out a weekly blog post of all the new features we have added to Cliniko.

  • Bira and Bart have joined the Cliniko team

    We are excited to welcome Bira and Bart to the Cliniko team. Both have just joined us this week. Ubiratan Alberton (Bira) Bira is a super talented software developer based in São Paulo, Brazil.

  • New internal dashboard at the Cliniko office

    We‘re in the process of setting up an internal dashboard for us to use in the Cliniko office. This is how it’s looking so far. This will let us easily track key metrics at a glance. We’re currently tracking: Number of Cliniko customers.

  • Matt Jones has joined the Cliniko team

    We are very excited to have Matt Jones join our team this week. Matt is an operations engineer based in Melbourne, Australia. Before joining us, Matt worked for

  • Bruno and Kelly are joining our team

    We are excited to announce that Bruno Pinto (software developer) and Kelly Dyson (designer) are joining our team here at Cliniko. As I announce this, I realise that we do work a bit differently here and I should probably explain that.

  • Cliniko news — November 2012

    A lot has happened in the last couple of months since our last news email. I will try to keep this as brief as possible but there is a bit to get through to ensure you are kept up to date.

  • Cliniko global use

    We are always astounded by how fast Cliniko is growing and how many different countries our customers are in. We just wanted to share a snapshot of Cliniko use globally. The darker areas are where the heaviest use is.

  • We had an outage. We are really sorry.

    As many of our customers are aware, we had a significant outage yesterday. Luckily this didn’t affect all of our customers, but that was certainly no consolation for those that it did. So what actually happened?

  • Cliniko news — July 2012

    It’s like every month is our biggest at Cliniko. So much has happened lately I am not quite sure where to start… I guess the best place is our birthday! Cliniko turned 1 a few weeks ago.

  • Patient online bookings and more

    We are really excited to officially announce that Patient Online Bookings are now available in Cliniko. I say “officially announce” because it was actually released a couple of weeks ago and over 25% of our customers are already using it.

  • Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

    We have made a few posts lately about people being overly inspired by Cliniko. I was just ready to let the topic rest when I came across one more that is too good not to share. I think it’s fair to say we have our winner.