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All things Cliniko that are newsy and noteworthy.

  • Illustration of a telehealth call on a laptop with a coffee mug and cactus

    Telehealth is free for now. It’s not a trap!

    Wondering why we're not charging for telehealth? The short answer is that we're not sure how much it will cost us to run yet. In this blog, our founder Joel explains more about how the fee will be calculated if we need to begin charging.

  •  An illustration showing the structure of a coronavirus as viewed through a microscope.

    COVID-19 & Cliniko

    A message from our founder Joel Friedlaender on Cliniko's initial response to COVID-19, including a link to our communication hub.

  • Australia is on fire & Cliniko would like to help

    I'd love to be doing a Happy New Years post, but as you likely know, Australia is on fire right now. There are devastating fires around the country, and many people are in need of assistance. We've found a couple of ways we'd like to offer some help.

  • We made some mistakes with the new log in changes

    We recently released some changes to the log in workflow when logging in from the Cliniko website. These changes caused unexpected problems for many, and we're sorry to you all. We will do better in future.

  • Cliniko's Rachel with the Beyond the Orphanage laptop project team

    Beyond The Orphanage & Cliniko launch EmPower laptop project

    Beyond The Orphanage (BTO) have begun the rollout of their EmPower program. Through “EmPower” Cliniko has provided laptops for children and also ongoing training including learning how to code. BTO's Alison Stieven-Taylor interviews Cliniko's Rachel about the program.

  • Cliniko-brand-illustrations

    We're hiring!

    Hello everyone! It's an exciting time here, we're looking to add a few more people to the Cliniko team. We're not a business that grows for the sake of growth.

  • AMA with Joel Frielaender

    A recap of “Ask Joel Anything”

    While you can read the entire AMA over on the Community, we’ve consolidated some of the most popular questions and answers right here on the Cliniko Blog. Read on for Joel’s straight and honest (his words!) answers.

  • Some of the Cliniko team with Geoff from BTO (Marcus, Joley, Bartosz, Joel, Geoff, Mel, Kate, Rachel

    Why Cliniko has partnered with Beyond the Orphanage

    Hello everyone! It’s Joel from Cliniko here, I just wanted to share a little from a very emotional and inspiring experience we had the other night. I’d really appreciate you reading through this one if you have the time.

  • Cliniko Outage

    On Monday, January 8 between 10:05AM and 10:28AM Cliniko experienced an outage. All times are in UTC+11. First up, we’d like to apologise for the interruption. We take issues like these very seriously.

  • New Cliniko Community and a fresh new support site

    Over the past month, you may have noticed some changes in how you experience support! We’ve launched two things that we’re pretty stoked about! A new space for the Cliniko Community. A new support site! Why are we excited about these things?

  • Cliniko's message board screen.

    Cliniko support, where you need it

    We’ve been helping people use Cliniko for almost 6 years now. In that time we’ve made significant improvements to the support we provide. We respond faster and more accurately than ever before. But we can still do better.

  • Three Red Guava teammates working and hanging out at meet up.

    How we hire

    We've put together a really great team at Red Guava (the company behind Cliniko). This is a post about how we've done that.

  • Bira and Bart from Cliniko.

    Bira and Bart have joined the Cliniko team

    We are excited to welcome Bira and Bart to the Cliniko team. Both have just joined us this week. Ubiratan Alberton (Bira) Bira is a super talented software developer based in São Paulo, Brazil.

  • Monitor screen displaying Cliniko stats.

    New internal dashboard at the Cliniko office

    We‘re in the process of setting up an internal dashboard for us to use in the Cliniko office. This is how it’s looking so far. This will let us easily track key metrics at a glance. We’re currently tracking: Number of Cliniko customers.

  • Matt Jones Cliniko

    Matt Jones has joined the Cliniko team

    We are very excited to have Matt Jones join our team this week. Matt is an operations engineer based in Melbourne, Australia. Before joining us, Matt worked for

  • Cliniko logo

    Bruno and Kelly are joining our team

    We are excited to announce that Bruno Pinto (software developer) and Kelly Dyson (designer) are joining our team here at Cliniko. As I announce this, I realise that we do work a bit differently here and I should probably explain that.

  • Map displaying Cliniko usage around the world - most usage is in Australia, Canada and Europe.

    Cliniko global use

    We are always astounded by how fast Cliniko is growing and how many different countries our customers are in. We just wanted to share a snapshot of Cliniko use globally. The darker areas are where the heaviest use is.

  • Abstract Image

    We had an outage. We are really sorry.

    As many of our customers are aware, we had a significant outage yesterday. Luckily this didn’t affect all of our customers, but that was certainly no consolation for those that it did. So what actually happened?

  •  Abstract image

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

    We have made a few posts lately about people being overly inspired by Cliniko. I was just ready to let the topic rest when I came across one more that is too good not to share. I think it’s fair to say we have our winner.

  • Abstract Image

    Recent news — April 2012

    First I need to apologise. We have done a poor job of keeping our blog up to date. It’s not that we haven’t been communicating, we are very active on facebook and twitter and also sending out regular newsletters to our customers.

  • A lot can happen in 2 months

    It is now just over 2 months since we officially launched Cliniko! We knew that the clinic software industry was ready for disruption.