Cliniko Recent Updates - March 2015

Emily Gable·

Hello, again! For some, spring has sprung and for others, the scent of autumn is in the air. Though the team at Cliniko is spread out all over the globe (and some of us are getting ready for summer fun, while others are getting ready to cozy up for the winter), we’ve been working hard (and having fun!) on some nifty new Cliniko features, while also improving what already exists.

  • We improved the appearance of the error pages! Hopefully you’ll never see them, but if you do, you’ll now be greeted with something that looks a little friendlier (and is cohesive with the rest of our branding, so you know you haven’t left Cliniko!).
  • We made an update to the underlying framework of Cliniko. This is very much a “behind the scenes” change, but it means that Cliniko runs faster!
  • We fixed a bug that was causing the order of treatment notes to not be followed properly.
  • An issue with the pagination of communications in a patient’s profile has been fixed.
  • We now internally log changes to invoices so that it’s easier to determine the who/what/when/where/why of invoice changes — such as who deleted an invoice and when. This internal change will pave the way for an “invoice log” of sorts down the road!
  • There were a couple of MailChimp bugs that we found and fixed, namely the fact that the “Last Appointment Date” wasn’t being updated correctly (it now is) and an instance in which a patient’s email address in MailChimp wasn’t updated properly when the same email address was updated in Cliniko (instead, the patient was being added as a duplicate subscriber in MailChimp). Both of these have been fixed.
  • We fixed styles for Internet Explorer 9 and under — that browser and any versions preceding it will now properly recognize some changes that we made to our stylesheets.
  • The “iCal Calendar” link on the online bookings page now downloads the proper .ics file for iCal (previously, it had opened a new page full of technical jargon).
  • The “Appointments” data export now includes the appointment category!
  • We discovered (and fixed) a bug in which appointments weren’t showing up on the calendars for other users without needing to do a page refresh.
  • The “Patients with Upcoming Birthdays” report was rendering the same patient more than once when additional report pages were loaded. This has been fixed.
  • We made some behind-the-scene changes to logging in — and then we removed them, as they were causing some issues for the actual login process.
  • A few users were getting an error page when trying to integrate with Xero; this has been fixed!
  • The “Patients” data export now includes an “Unsubscribed from SMS marketing” column, so that you can know who’s unsubscribed from bulk SMS messages!
  • The “Contacts” data import now supports fax numbers.
  • We released a change that fixed an issue with medical alerts not being able to be created.
  • There were some funny spacing issues with letter templates, which were causing too much space to appear in odd places. This has been fixed!
  • We added currency support for the Costa Rican Colon, the Kuwait Dinar, and and Cameroon’s Central African Franc.
  • We made a big update to the calendar! The sidebar has been majorly improved. The datepickers are now available via keyboard, sections below the datepickers are now collapsible, success messages were moved to the bottom right of the page, and in modern browsers, the layout of the sidebar and calendar are fixed to the height of the window. As with most major changes, there were a few bugs that were introduced along with the updated sidebar, but we’ve squashed them!
  • We made some updates to the success messages. They had previously been at the top of the page, and these were proving to obscure some important information. We’ve moved them to the bottom, righthand side of the pages, we made them a bit more apparent, and we removed some of them (such as for rescheduling or deleting an appointment).
  • We’ve added browser detection! Having an updated browser is important for the security of you and your patients’ data … and it’s also important for getting the best experience out of Cliniko. If Cliniko “detects” that you’re using an outdated browser, you’ll see a warning message, along with some instructions on how to update!
  • “Work” has been added as a possible reason for appointment cancellation.
  • We’ve added a new data export for stock adjustments! You can now export (and filter by date, as with all the other exports) a comprehensive list of all adjustments made to your products.
  • You can now map Cliniko taxes to Xero’s Tax Rates. This should help to make your accounting even easier!
  • The patient’s next appointment date and time is now shown on the appointment pop-up.
  • Some people were experiencing a “login loop,” which was causing them to continuously be redirected to the login page, even after entering their username and password. This has now been fixed.
  • The list of businesses on the appointments calendar are now ordered alphabetically.
  • We added a new (and optional) setting to restrict practitioners from accessing any financial details, such as invoices, payments, transaction reports, and account statements.
  • We changed the icon for signing out — previously, it was too easy to confuse it with the “expand” icon!

As you can see, we’ve been busy! The next few months are going to be exciting ones, too, and we’re excited for you to see what we have in store. Our Updates and Changes forum will have all the latest and greatest news until next time!



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Emily Gable is a writer for Cliniko. When not blogging about practice management or writing how-to guides for the Cliniko support site, she enjoys hanging out with her dogs, eating pizza, and attempting to be a runner.

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