Connected apps

Discover apps that integrate with Cliniko to extend the functionality of your practice software.

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Featured apps

A hand-picked selection of connected apps from the Cliniko team.


Need help filling the gaps on your calendar? These integrations can help you gain exposure, book more appointments, and give your clients a more streamlined booking experience.

  • Avaana

    Avaana helps you fill the white space on your Cliniko calendar.

  • HealthShare

    Empowering Australians to make better health choices.

  • MyHealth1st

    Find a health expert when you need one most. Book a doctor, dentist, optometrist and more online!

  • HealthEngine

    Grow your practice, optimise your bookings and engage your patients.


Creating exercise plans for your clients can be instrumental when it comes to patient care. Cliniko integrates with many exercise programs to minimize repetitive work.

  • Physitrack

    Boost patient engagement with crystal-clear, fully narrated exercise videos, delivered straight to your patient’s smartphone or computer.

  • Rehab My Patient

    Intuitive and easy to use exercise prescription software designed by leading physiotherapists.

  • Rehab Guru

    Streamlining a health business does not have to represent a poor experience for patients.

  • TrackActive

    Easily prescribe and send evidence-based exercises to your clients via PDF, web login, or iPhone and Android applications.

Practice add-ons

Make Cliniko an even more powerful tool by combining it with one of these practice add-ons.

  • ClinicKonnect

    ​​Powerful, practical and user-friendly, ClinicKonnect lets you automatically sync between Cliniko and Infusionsoft to maximise your email marketing results and boost your business profits.

  • Cliniq Apps

    Automatic Recalls, electronic Intake Forms, Patient Satisfaction Tracker, Mobile app and much more!

  • Finger-Ink

    The Finger-Ink app for Cliniko makes it easy for your patient to self check-in, fill out intake forms, and give signed consent. It’s great for cutting out data entry for you and your staff.

  • Instinctive Notes

    Instinctive notes is your secret weapon for note taking compliance. Try it today.

  • SubmitKIt

    Full ACC-Cliniko Integration. Create. Invoice. Manage.

  • Synergy 8

    The Complete Digital Marketing Platform

  • FormsByAir

    We provide software and support to move you beyond data entry, phone calls and manual processes.

Branded Apps

Ever thought about the possibility of having an app for your practice? It may be simpler than you think!

  • Appswiz

    Go live with an App in two weeks

  • Nextin

    All your practitioners, locations and appointment types automatically presented with a look and feel that is uniquely yours.

Customer feedback

Collect feedback from the people who matter the most; your clients.

  • AskNicely

    Build your culture on continuous customer feedback