Cliniko is a complete practice management application trusted by thousands of healthcare practitioners in more than 70 countries worldwide.  Manage your schedule, treatment notes, invoices, and so much more - all on one, easy-to-use platform. Try every feature now with Cliniko’s 30-day free trial!


Cliniko’s appointment calendar is clear, straight-forward, and equipped with everything you need to manage your healthcare practice schedule.  It’s intuitively designed with flexible views, online bookings, repeat appointments, and much more.  At last, you can spend less time on scheduling, and focus your energy where it belongs - your patients.

Control your schedule with Cliniko

Health records

Cliniko’s treatment notes are fully customisable and securely stored in the cloud.  Custom-build your templates and access records on any device.  You can also search and find saved notes in a flash, and flag incomplete items to be finished later.  And, with Cliniko’s drag-and-drop enabling, uploading files to patient records is a breeze.

Improve your record keeping with Cliniko


Manage your invoices, payments, expenses, taxes, and more with Cliniko’s simple and comprehensive financial tools.  You can work with confidence, knowing all transactions are seamlessly synced with your client profiles, stored communications, and appointment history.

Manage your billing and finances with Cliniko

Reporting and tracking

Detailed performance reports give you an in-depth understanding of your practice.  Track and record your clinic’s performance over time and see which marketing channels are the most effective.  Get the real-time information you need to make decisions that will grow and improve your business.

Performance reports to grow your practice

Business management

Oversee multiple business locations and communicate with staff via the internal message board.  Send SMS text messages to clients, import and export your data, and so much more.  You can even create a custom add-on with Cliniko’s robust API.

Streamline your management with Cliniko

Cliniko software updates

Our team of developers are always busy at work adding new and improved features to Cliniko.

  • 2019: A Cliniko year in review

    Well, it happened again. Another year has come and gone. And what a year it’s been! 2019 was jam-packed with all sorts of fantastic happenings. Come along with us as we take a moment to reflect on the past twelve months and the wonderful changes we’ve seen!

  • Group treatments together with patient cases

    Cliniko now allows you to create "cases" for your patients—essentially, you can organize a series of appointments (and all of their related "materials", such as invoices, notes, and more) into neat little packages that make it easy to sort through what…