Automatically add multiple items and products to invoices!

Relate multiple services and products to your appointment types.

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Cliniko this Week: Add multiple items and products

Cliniko has introduced a new feature that will streamline your invoicing process. Now, linking multiple billable items and products to your appointment types is a breeze! You no longer have to manually add invoice items individually when billing your patients 🎉!

Screenshot of related billable items. Example includes standard consultation and treatment with a discount of 50%. The other is a Service fee.

For example, some of your services might include equipment charges, travel time, and service fees alongside treatment. These additional items can now be linked to relevant appointment types, in addition to the “main” billable item.

To set this up in your account, follow these steps:

  1. 1.Ensure your products and billable items are set up in Cliniko.
  2. 2.Navigate to Settings and choose Appointment types.
  3. 3.Select the appointment type you want to customise.
  4. 4.In the "Related billable items" section, click "Add billable item”.
  5. 5.Choose from the dropdown list or type for quick matching.
  6. 6.Adjust quantities and apply discounts as needed.
  7. 7.Repeat the process for "Related products" (if applicable).
  8. 8.Save settings with the "Update appointment type" button.

Now you're all set!

Online Booking Payments

For those using online booking payments, Cliniko also provides a dynamic estimated total, including quantities and discounts. If patients pay in advance, it will only include related billable items that you've set up.

Screenshot of online booking payments setting. Allow payment during booking is selected. Text shows the patient will have the option to pay $30.00

Next time you create an invoice for that appointment type, watch as all your items magically populate!

We hope this new feature will make your invoicing workflow more efficient! For more info on billable items and products in Cliniko, check out our comprehensive walkthroughs and guide.

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