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We started using Cliniko from very early on in our business, from when we had only one practitioner to now multiple staff members. Its sophisticated yet simple design is easy to use and has great user experience. One of my favourite features is the online booking system for the clients, it is only a few clicks and an appointment is made, making is easy for almost anyone to do, no matter what age or experience with technology. The integration with Xero makes the accounting element seamless and the many reports cliniko generates allows for cross referencing and planning.

I always recommend Cliniko to anyone looking for online booking and paperless software for their practices.

Dr Diana Pakzamir

Blossom Family Chiropractic, Australia

Cliniko has changed my life - literally! I transitioned to Cliniko when I began leading my clinic in 2015 - we came across from paper notes and paper diary. It has enabled us to grow from 1 to 5 locations, add an extra 15 therapists in that time, and improve our admin efficiency by > 50%. It is a joy to use, the whole team (support and devs) are legends to work with, and I couldn’t imagine a clinic without Cliniko!

Jack O'Brien

Terrace Physio Plus, Australia

Cliniko is the absolute best booking/business software I have come across in over 10 years of being a therapist! Not only is it super simple and user friendly, it also streamlines all the processes in my clinic. All staff have an individual logins, but can still see each other’s schedules. The online booking platform and reminder service is the absolute bomb! Thanks for making business owners lives easier Cliniko, you really are the best.

Katie Conway

Akoya Health and Wellbeing, Australia

Cliniko is beautiful, friendly and has an impressive range of features, but that is not what sets it apart. Team Cliniko’s commitment to their user community is better than any software platform I have interacted with (and I run an entirely online practice so I really love my tech!). Team Cliniko are wide open to feedback, completely transparent in their processes, and bring out new features that improve our business workflows every week.

Karen Finnin

Online.Physio, Australia

Cliniko has made our equine hoof rehabilitation business so much more efficient. In return, we have increased business margins and profits. Our clients and their horses love being on a five week recurring roster. We have tried many different systems and Cliniko takes the cake by far.

Chad Snyder

Innovative Hoof Care Australia, Australia

I resisted going paperless for years. Not for the lack of want or need to; but nothing was as simple as Cliniko. Nothing was as good value and customisable. Its a utilitarian revelation for practitioner and staff - most of all, the patient.

Joseph Ierano

Chiropractic Ierano, Australia

I’ve been using it for about 5 years now and love it. I recommend it to my colleagues and other practitioners. It has everything you need; calendar, patient data, clinic notes, invoices, templates, reports, etc. It is still very user friendly. It’s humorous with welcoming notes like ‘Cliniko even works from the beach’. They are always coming up with improvements.

Angela Stevenson

Resonant Body Health, United Kingdom

Cliniko is a refreshing application that is easy to navigate and intuitive in it’s layout. The online support is fast and informative, with a team that are fun and proficient. Cliniko is a fresh vibrant company that helps me smile whilst I work.

Amanda Hardy

Berkhamsted Chiropractic Clinic, United Kingdom

We have been using Cliniko for 15 months and it has been fantastic. It is extremely user friendly, the team are quick to respond if I ever have any queries or concerns. The awesome weekly updates let me know what has changed! Highly recommend this practice software. We have four clinics and nine staff members and it has been a breeze to navigate and book patients! We also love that it integrates with our exercise prescription software and our accounting software!!

Alyce Wilson

All In One Health, Australia

As a speech pathologist in private practice, Cliniko gives me an easy-to-use, intuitive system for storing client details and documents, booking appointments, sending reminders, taking notes, invoicing and more!

So much time is saved by having everything in the one place. I can access Cliniko from anywhere, anytime! Their support is top-notch too! Prompt, friendly and detailed.

Alison Perry

Soundality, Brisbane, Australia

Cliniko was the first app I switched to from paper based notes. I have looked at a few other apps since and all of them have been missing something - Cliniko is easy to use, has a CLEAN interface, super customizable, ability to use multiple locations, postural assessment notes (YES) and an awesome online booking interface. It has ALL THE THINGS and the customer service is also excellent. Love Cliniko, and can’t see myself changing any time soon (if ever!)

Alexia Langley

Holistia, Australia

I love that Cliniko is straightforward, simple & easy to use! I’m a Nutritionist, not an I.T expert and I don’t have a receptionist, so Cliniko makes life easier for me.

Carmelle Robinson

Vitality Holistic Nutrition, Australia

I LOVE IT!! I’ve used practice management software for 10 years in my podiatry practice and we made the full switch to Cliniko nearly a year ago. Oh how I wish I had done it sooner, it is so intuitive and has almost every feature I need. They keep coming up with things I didn’t know I needed too! Our admin and podiatrists all love it, even agency temps have picked it up quickly. The team are amazingly helpful too and nothing is too much trouble. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It truly has improved our practice. Once you go Cliniko you don’t go back!

Emma McConnachie

Stirling Podiatry, Australia

As a Practitioner who has only recently started their own clinic, I could not recommend Cliniko enough! Moving from paper notes and files to the online software provided by Cliniko has made all my organisation, administration and note taking work seem so much easier and more practical.

Every question I had relating to treatment note templates, online bookings, diary management, patient communications, data protection, finance management and set up tutorials were answered and met my needs perfectly. I hope to continue this great relationship with an excellent clinic software management business.

Kevin Feely

Kevin Feely Athletic Therapy, Ireland

Cliniko was the first ever program I used in practice. Upon moving jobs, I had the opportunity to work with a few other systems and gain comparison, however, when it came to buying my own practice we opted for Cliniko. The primary reason being that it is equally as user-friendly for the practitioner as it is for administration. We wanted our staff to have a system that was simple, effective and efficient. We love the system and so do our staff!

Petra Watson

Oz Coast Chiropractic, Australia

Cliniko has changed our practice for the better!! Everything you need in one place!! It is user friendly and the dedicated team works tirelessly to continuously improve its service!! 100% recommend. I wouldn’t/couldn’t be without it now!

Sophie Taylor

The Sussex Osteopaths, United Kingdom

Absolutely love Cliniko. We have been using it for many years now. It’s user friendly & easy to navigate especially for new staff. The customer service is next to none - always available & helpful. The ongoing changes and updates are brilliant, especially considering that the cost of subscription has remained the same for years now. I couldn’t recommend Cliniko more highly… haven’t looked back since switching over!

Ishwari Samarakoon

Speech Therapy Services, Australia

I was using Cliniko in my own clinic, before my move to my current clinic. I chose it for its simplicity of use and being cost effective. When the current clinic wanted to go paperless, it was my first and only recommendation. We have been with them since. The way Cliniko deals with (the very rare) outages is amazing. Top class system and support.

James Noble

Riverside Chiropractic Group ltd, United Kingdom

Cliniko has made life a lot easier for me as a therapist and clinic owner! Gone are the days of paper based files, I can’t even imagine working with them now!

At a therapist level it is super easy to navigate and customise. At a business level we have access to multiple reports on our data and performance. Cliniko is constantly upgrading and innovating to match the demand in todays health industry! Great work Cliniko!

Melissa Zacharia

Pod Fit Adelaide, Australia

I was looking for simple booking software to help run my personal training business and stumbled across Cliniko. It works perfectly for my clients because they are able to see my locations, availabilities for training, and book their own times in. I love that any time you need help with anything someone will always get back to you super quickly! Thanks for freeing up my time in my business and making what I do even easier!

Tamzin Maree Hare

By Tamzin, Australia