A minimum of 2% of all Cliniko subscriptions are donated to charity each month. The donations are intentionally based on revenue, not profit. This was a deliberate decision to ensure that the amount Cliniko donates to charity is not impacted by the business running costs.

Smiling kids at a Beyond the Orphanage home
Photo courtesy of Kerry Pryor, Beyond the Orphanage

Beyond the Orphanage

Beyond the Orphanage is an amazing charity we've had the privilege to learn more about. They have a focus right now in Kenya and Nepal, particularly helping trafficked and homeless children. Many without any paper work and not even a legal citizen in their own country. These children have lived through unimaginable horrors and the work BTO does is truly exceptional. Most of our donations go to Beyond the Orphanage.

We’ve had the chance to spend a bit of time with Geoff Hucker, the founder of BTO. He is truly an amazing man. This is not a big organisation with lots of process and waste. They are a very small team and run it lean. Geoff himself is regularly visiting Kenya and Nepal where they run programs and is very hands on in helping the children in need. It’s impossible not to have a very emotional response when hearing the stories he tells.

Child playing a game at a Beyond the Orphanage home.
Photo courtesy of Kerry Pryor, Beyond the Orphanage

After experiencing first-hand the terrible plight of some of the world’s most at risk children, I felt compelled to make a difference.

Geoff Hucker — Founder and Executive Director, Beyond the Orphanage

Needless to say, we have the utmost respect for BTO and are keen to help however we can. Since very early, we have donated 1% of subscriptions to charity. We specifically chose to donate a percentage of revenue, instead of profit, as we didn’t want our expenses to impact the amount we give. After a lot of thought, we’ve decided to give the majority of our donations to BTO (in fact they were the inspiration to increase our donations to 2%). We hope to again increase this when we can.

We’ve always wanted running our company to cause good in the world and we believe BTO gives us an opportunity to achieve this.

We share all this information to bring awareness of their organisation to you. We have spoken and met with many charities and spent countless hours considering the best way we can contribute to a better world. We believe BTO is that. If you or your company have anything to spare, one-off donations or regular contributions in their direction are not only appreciated, but make a big and direct difference to these children’s lives.

You can find out more and donate at

People like Geoff and his team are an asset to this world and we are proud to be able to support them.

Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd’s mission is to conserve, defend, and protect the world’s oceans and marine life. As of March 2021, we’ve been making monthly donations to support their work stopping “exploitation and environmental destruction” in oceans and seas around the world.

They also run campaigns aimed at removing harmful derelict fishing gear (a major source of pollution in the world’s oceans), studying endangered marine species, and working with authorities to introduce and enforce laws that protect oceans and waterways.

Donations are used to maintain and fuel their vessels used in these activities, as well as to support research projects and fund the prosecution of criminal activity.

Sea Shepherd Captain, Paul Watson

Sea Shepherd have taken it upon themselves to enforce the UN World Charter for Nature. They do it with little support from governments worldwide.

John (Cliniko Developer)

Free Cliniko subscriptions for registered charities

All registered charities get a free Cliniko subscription. The Cliniko team wants to help your charity bring more good to this world. Contact support to get set up with a free subscription.

Other giving

In addition to our commitment to supporting Beyond the Orphanage, we also give to other charities and organisations on an ongoing basis. This is often when a world event or specific need occurs. It's always hard to decide between the many deserving causes in the world, we're just hopeful our contributions make a difference where we can.

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