Cliniko has donated $1 million to charity

Cliniko was founded without a grand plan. But it’s always been important to us that the world should be a better place with Cliniko in it, rather than the other way around.

Michelle Geslewitz·

Children wearing Cliniko t-shirts

When Joel and Liora founded Cliniko ten years ago, the goal was simple: create great software that makes it easier for people to care for others.

So, what does making the world better actually mean? For one, the team decided early on to donate 1% of our revenue (your subscription fees) to charity every month. At first that meant giving away about $10 AUD, which was easy enough. Over the years the team decided to increase our donations to 2% of our revenue, and that monthly donation has scaled with our business. Now we’re really proud to say we’ve donated $1 million AUD total over the past decade, all thanks to you.

The charities that have received donations through your subscription fees all do incredible work. One of the organisations we have supported most over the years is Beyond The Orphanage (BTO), who focus on protecting vulnerable children in Kenya and Nepal, and we have developed a close relationship with their extremely dedicated team. We were even directly involved in the launch of our joint “EmPower” project in Nepal.

In honour of reaching $1 million in donations, we’re proud to share this short video (below) that we think brings the story of our partnership to life. It was shot by Rachel (the Rachel) and Kerry Pryor (BTO photographer), and edited by multi-talented Cliniko support team member, Ramsey. We hope you enjoy seeing the tangible difference BTO has made in the lives of children.

What’s next?

Reaching $1 million in donations is a major milestone towards our goal of doing good in the world, but it’s not the be all and end all. To us, doing good also means leaving a smaller carbon footprint. It means making our product more inclusive. It also means operating with integrity, and doing what we think is most ethical over anything else. The work will never be finished, but we want to thank you for sticking with us this far. There is more good to come.

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Michelle was born in Chicago and now lives in Leamington Spa, UK. She currently works on growth marketing for Cliniko, looking after paid marketing channels, social media, SEO, content and more.

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