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Here at Cliniko, we know a lot about websites, software, running businesses, and digital marketing. This is where we share all our practical tips to level-up your practice management skills, and help you run your healthcare business more efficiently.

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This is where we share everything we, at Cliniko, know how to do so you can grow a successful healthcare business, and get the most out of your practice management software.

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The Cliniko development team are continuously releasing updates to our software. From bug fixes, to new features, and everything in between. We’ll let you know about it here.

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  • AMA with Joel Frielaender

    A recap of “Ask Joel Anything”

    While you can read the entire AMA over on the Community, we’ve consolidated some of the most popular questions and answers right here on the Cliniko Blog. Read on for Joel’s straight and honest (his words!) answers.