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Practice management tips

Here at Cliniko, we know a lot about websites, software, running businesses, and digital marketing. This is where we share all our practical tips to level-up your practice management skills, and help you run your healthcare business more efficiently.

  • Michelle Rimmer, owner of Hills Massage in Western Australia

    Make your own mark: The Hills Massage startup story

    Michelle Rimmer has run a successful massage therapy clinic for almost twenty years. Michelle, who is a former nurse, sat down with Cliniko to share how two big and unexpected setbacks changed the course of her career, leading her to look inward at who she was and what she wanted—and go for it.

Cliniko news & releases

All things Cliniko that are newsy and noteworthy.

How to

This is where we share everything we, at Cliniko, know how to do so you can grow a successful healthcare business, and get the most out of your practice management software.

  • An illustration showing a triangle, a square and a heart being excluded from a service because they do not fit through the round doorway.

    How to make your practice LGBTIQ+ inclusive

    We all want to create respectful and safe environments in our work. But how active are we in this process, and do we assume others think of us as an inclusive person without us actually doing anything to show it?

  • Rachel explaining how to use Cliniko with an Apple Pencil or stylus. Also features Cliniko app on an iPad with handwritten notes in the new appointment field.

    How to use the Apple Pencil or a stylus for treatment notes

    Using an Apple Pencil or a stylus to create handwritten notes in Cliniko has never been easier. In this Cliniko Tip, Rachel covers the different handwriting-to-text options you have available for both Apple and Android—including how to use iPad’s new Scribble feature.

  • Annastashia Cambridge and Dr. Dan of Two Hands Health Ltd pictured standing in front of a snow-capped mountain range in New Zealand

    How to create patient form templates for your practice

    Looking for a bit of extra help in creating patient form templates for your healthcare business? This guest post from Annastashia Cambridge of Two Hands Health Ltd. includes techniques and examples that will help you create new patient form templates in no time.

Work culture

We work a little differently at Cliniko. Here's how (and why).

  • An illustration of a person working on a computer at home

    3 ways Cliniko has learned to make remote

    Cliniko has always been a remote company. We've learned a lot of lessons over the years and discovered that effective communication, flexible schedules, and personal support can create some incredible results while your team is working from home.

  • An illustration of several people being interviewed via web video

    5,118 reasons why our hiring process matters

    At Cliniko, we created a custom hiring process to help us make the best selections for our team. We’ve been charting our own path for years, but never has our grand idea been more truly tested than during our most recent hiring campaign when we received 5,118 applications.

Educational events

Not your average webinars, here the recordings and resources from our live events, featuring industry experts answering audience questions on YouTube Live.