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Here at Cliniko, we know a lot about websites, software, running businesses, and digital marketing. This is where we share all our practical tips to level-up your practice management skills, and help you run your healthcare business more efficiently.

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  • Three people with speech bubbles containing positive review icons.

    A starter guide to Google reviews for healthcare businesses

    Want to use client reviews to grow your healthcare business but unsure where to start? This guide covers how to do everything from asking for to responding to reviews, plus ways you can make online testimonials work harder for your business.

  • An illustration of an hourglass that's run out of time

    Create a wait list in 60 seconds

    Wait lists are a fantastic way to accommodate patients who need to be seen urgently or maintain a full day of appointments even if someone cancels. In this Cliniko Quick Tip, Rachel explains how to set up your first wait list in just 60 seconds!

Educational events

Not your average webinars, here the recordings and resources from our live events, featuring industry experts answering audience questions on YouTube Live.

Cliniko software releases

The Cliniko development team are continuously releasing updates to our software. From bug fixes, to new features, and everything in between. We’ll let you know about it here.

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    Secure patient forms are here!

    Secure patient forms are here. Learn more about when to use them and how you can set them up in Cliniko with our latest Tip of the Week.

  • An illustration of a healthcare practitioner on a laptop screen conducting a video consultation with a patient on a mobile screen

    Telehealth is now live in Cliniko!

    Set up video consultations with your patients using our new telehealth feature. We've designed it to be secure and easy to use, and right now it's free.

  • A screenshot of Cliniko's upcoming telehealth feature, showing Dr. Dog on a video appointment with one of our developers

    Telehealth is coming to Cliniko!

    Telehealth is coming to Cliniko to help you through this difficult period, and it will be free of charge for now. Read the announcement in full.