Cliniko Recent Updates

So far, 2015 has been a huge and exciting year for us at Cliniko—and we’re only a month in! If January is any indication of what’s to come, we’re pretty excited about the next eleven months. Here’s a quick recap of what we’ve been up to during the start of the new year!

  • We fixed an issue with the Practitioner Revenue reports in which deleted invoice items were not being excluded from the reports. This has been adjusted, and deleted invoice items are no longer showing up in those reports.
  • For a brief period of time, patients were getting multiple appointment confirmations and reminders for the same appointment. This was happening with both emails and SMS messages. We addressed the problem and it shouldn’t happen any longer!
  • We corrected a bug that was occasionally causing the totals on Account Statements to be incorrect. (more…)

Cliniko Recent Updates

Happy new year, everyone! Over the past couple of months, we’ve been super busy and we’ve released some awesome new (and highly sought-after) features! Here goes …

  • We improved an issue with Xero and synchronizing invoices and payments from a previous date. There had been some instances where not all past invoices were showing up due to limits with the Xero API, and not all past payments were going through (also due to limits with the API). This has been fixed!
  • We made some “behind the scenes” changes to treatment note and patient exports. The results of the export look the same, but the time it takes to actually run the export is quicker! (more…)

Cliniko Recent Updates

Happy October, everyone! For some of us, autumn is in full swing and for others, summer is just around the corner. While not outside enjoying the changing seasons, we’ve been busy developing some great new features (and updating existing ones)!

  • We improved the cancellation link. Now, it’s actually a link that will work in all email clients (previously, it had been showing up as plain text in certain places)—and now it says “Cancel Appointment,” instead of being a long, ugly link!
  • We added more options for the cancellation notice—you can now choose 6 or 12 hours, in addition to what was already available.
  • We fixed archived relationships—it used to be that if you had two patients or clients that were related, and one of them got archived, you sometimes couldn’t see the relationship. Now you’ll always be able to see relationships between patients or clients, even if one of them is archived!
  • Individual communications now link back to the patient or client’s details page. (more…)
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Cliniko Recent Updates

Hello, everyone! August and September have both been really busy months and we’ve made a lot of changes to Cliniko. Here goes!

  • The bulk SMS feature now allows you to to filter by date! You can choose to send SMS messages to patients who’ve had appointments within the last three months, six months, twelve months, or any time.
  • When editing a payment, all open invoices will be listed, allowing you to allocate that payment accordingly.
  • The phone number field on the patient details page now has a limit of 100 characters, as opposed to just 20.
  • We redesigned appointments! Both the appointment editing form and the pop-up for created appointments look a heck of a lot better. We wanted to improve both functionality and style, and this is a step forward for other features we’re planning on implementing. (more…)

Cliniko Recent Updates

Time is flying! We’ve released a whole bunch of updates over the last couple of months. Settle in with a cup of tea, because this list is quite long. Without further ado, here they are!

  • The Daily Payments report now supports 1-minute increments rather than 5-minute increments. If you need to run a report for the entire day, you can select 00:00 all the way up to 23:59, instead of having it capped at 23:55.
  • Letters now have a placeholder for Appointment Times. This could be useful when generating upcoming appointment letters for your patients!
  • Practice Revenue and Practitioner Revenue reports now include item codes.
  • Fancy Reports have had some issues fixed! Patient Metrics and Appointment Metrics reports now allow you to select specific dates. Legend colors on Appointment Metrics now match graph colors.
  • The Upcoming Appointments report was not disregarding deleted appointments, which was sometimes causing the wrong information to show up. This has been fixed! (more…)

Redesigning the Appointment

We’re currently working on redesigning how the appointment looks in the calendar.  Specifically the form you see when creating or editing an appointment, and also the popup you get when clicking on an appointment.

We’re doing this for a few reasons:

  • We are working on adding group bookings/classes to Cliniko and the current forms/display does not allow for it.
  • Compatability with different devices is a priority for us; we want to make it better on phones, tablets and computers.
  • Over time we have added more functionality to the appointments, but never did a full redesign. If we had all the information we have now when we originally designed the appointments, we would have done it differently.



Cliniko Recent Updates

Well, it’s been a while since our last update! We’ve been up to a lot of good stuff over the past month, and there’s no shortage of updates and changes to Cliniko! The full list and details can be found over on the Updates and Changes part of our Announcements forum. In a nutshell, though, here’s a list of what’s been updated:

  • You can now add discounts to invoices.
  • There’s a new placeholder for messages (the patient identification number).
  • We’ve fixed a typesetting bug on invoice PDFs that caused text to overlap with the footer note.
  • If you have multiple practitioners with the same first name, their last initial will show up on the calendar—this should help to ease any confusion about who’s scheduled for what!
  • The dashboard is now hyperlink-friendly. If you type in an email address or a URL, it will automatically get formatted into a clickable link.
  • Bounced emails will be forwarded to you.
  • The “Contacts” list is now searchable by occupation, so if you need to search for someone by their specialty, you can!
  • Importing data is easier—Cliniko is now less strict about the type of data that’s included in your spreadsheet. Additional attempts will be made in order to convert and import your data.

That’s it for now! We’ll continue to keep you posted you with recent changes as they come, and don’t forget to check out the Updates and Changes forum for real-time news on our latest bug fixes and releases.

Until next time!


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Security vulnerability in Internet Explorer

There’s been a security vulnerability found in Internet Explorer versions 6 through to 11 (basically all of them).

Internet explorer is a web browser, the default one installed on Windows computers. If you haven’t actively downloaded a different browser, chances are you use it.

This is a pretty serious vulnerability that would let a hacker gain full user permissions over your computer, allow them to install programs, view and delete data, and much more. All you’d need to do is visit a malicious website set up for this.

We always advise people to use Google Chrome as it’s faster and more secure. This really validates that advice and we strongly recommend you switch to Google Chrome if you haven’t already.

It’s a free download at can be found here

Just to be clear, this has nothing to do with Cliniko. It doesn’t even matter if you’re using a web-based practice management system or not. If you use Internet Explorer to browse the internet, this affects you.

You can read more about the vulnerability here

Safe browsing everyone!


Security Announcement: Heartbleed (CVE-2014-0160)

We’d like to let you know about a severe security vulnerability that has just been announced and has affected the majority of the internet.  This is not something you need to be alarmed about, but something you should be aware of. As always, the security of your information is our top priority and we’d like you to know what has been going on recently.

On the 8th of April, 2014 at 3:30am AEST, a bug known as Heartbleed (official reference CVE-2014-0160) was publicly announced. This bug is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library.

OpenSSL is a library used by most online systems (estimated 66% of the internet) to handle secure internet traffic.  Secure internet traffic is the HTTPS (or green lock) you see in your browser URL when using secure sites such as Online Banking, Credit Card Forms and Cliniko.

How it affected Cliniko

At Cliniko, we were using the affected OpenSSL library (as is the majority of the internet).  This means that Cliniko was vulnerable to this security flaw.  Whilst vulnerable, we have no reason to believe that any attack was made on our systems or any data was exposed.

What we have done about it

Since the public release of this information on 8th of April, 2014 at 3:30am AEST, we worked as quickly as possible to secure our systems from this vulnerability.  By 9th of April, 2014 at 5:55am AEST we no longer used the vulnerable version of OpenSSL and had re-keyed our SSL certificates (the appropriate actions required to resolve this security issue).

What you should do

Whilst we have no reason to believe any information was exposed from Cliniko, we do recommend you change all your passwords to something new and secure. This is playing it very safe, but we think that’s the best approach when it comes to security.

We also recommend you change all your passwords with other internet services (eg. facebook, internet banking, email, etc.) too.  Importantly, you need to wait until these services have secured themselves from this vulnerability before you proceed with changing your password.


This is the largest security vulnerability to hit the internet that I can recall. It is a big deal and we think you should know about it. We also don’t believe any attack has been made against Cliniko and that your data is still in the safest place possible.  We’ve acted very quickly and fixed our systems as fast as possible.  We are no longer exposed to this vulnerability.

We do recommend you change your passwords in Cliniko and all other online systems once you know they have fixed the issue.

If you want to find out more, google “Heartbleed”, it’s quite a popular topic right now.

If you have any questions about this at all, please do let us know and we’ll provide any assistance we can.


Cliniko Recent Updates.

Hi everybody! It has been an exciting few weeks here are Cliniko and our development team has been very busy. We have released several new features and updates!

  • New dashboard design and new larger fonts.
  • Added the ability to reorder the practitioners on the appointment calendar.
  • Added support for the Vietnamese Dong currency.
  • Allowed the use of the same email address across multiple Cliniko accounts. This is a great feature for virtual reception companies or staff who may work at several different clinics.
  • Added the patients email address to the online bookings email the practitioner receives.
  • And finally the big one! The ability to copy the last treatment note, more on this below.

We have received many requests to add the ability to copy a previous treatment note and we listened!  This is great if your treatment notes are similar each time.  It will copy the last note into your current one, so you can quickly make changes and save it.

It will copy from the last treatment note of the same type, from the same patient.

It’s as easy as clicking a link!


That is all for this post, until next time.