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An illustration showing a triangle, a square and a heart being excluded from a service because they do not fit through the round doorway.

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How to make your practice LGBTIQ+ inclusive

We all want to create respectful and safe environments in our work. But how active are we in this process, and do we assume others think of us as an inclusive person without us actually doing anything to show it?

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Here at Cliniko, we know a lot about websites, software, running businesses, and digital marketing. This is where we share all our practical tips to level-up your practice management skills, and help you run your healthcare business more efficiently.

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  • We made some mistakes with the new log in changes

    We recently released some changes to the log in workflow when logging in from the Cliniko website. These changes caused unexpected problems for many, and we're sorry to you all. We will do better in future.

  • Cliniko's Rachel with the Beyond the Orphanage laptop project team

    Beyond The Orphanage & Cliniko launch EmPower laptop project

    Beyond The Orphanage (BTO) have begun the rollout of their EmPower program. Through “EmPower” Cliniko has provided laptops for children and also ongoing training including learning how to code. BTO's Alison Stieven-Taylor interviews Cliniko's Rachel about the program.

  • Cliniko-brand-illustrations

    We're hiring!

    Hello everyone! It's an exciting time here, we're looking to add a few more people to the Cliniko team. We're not a business that grows for the sake of growth.

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This is where we share everything we, at Cliniko, know how to do so you can grow a successful healthcare business, and get the most out of your practice management software.

Cliniko software releases

The Cliniko development team are continuously releasing updates to our software. From bug fixes, to new features, and everything in between. We’ll let you know about it here.