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Here at Cliniko, we know a lot about websites, software, running businesses, and digital marketing. This is where we share all our practical tips to level-up your practice management skills, and help you run your healthcare business more efficiently.

  • A laptop screen displaying a privacy shield with a British flag.

    UK privacy laws and Brexit: what to expect in 2021

    For UK practitioners, the start of 2021 could bring changes to how you comply with patient privacy laws. This article will give you an overview of what to expect and suggestions for finding more info.

  • Annastashia Cambridge and Dr. Dan of Two Hands Health Ltd pictured standing in front of a snow-capped mountain range in New Zealand

    How to create patient form templates for your practice

    Looking for a bit of extra help in creating patient form templates for your healthcare business? This guest post from Annastashia Cambridge of Two Hands Health Ltd. includes techniques and examples that will help you create new patient form templates in no time.

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This is where we share everything we, at Cliniko, know how to do so you can grow a successful healthcare business, and get the most out of your practice management software.

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Not your average webinars, here the recordings and resources from our live events, featuring industry experts answering audience questions on YouTube Live.

Cliniko software releases

The Cliniko development team are continuously releasing updates to our software. From bug fixes, to new features, and everything in between. We’ll let you know about it here.

  • One hand passing paper money to another, with a reverse arrow icon on the face of the paper bill.

    Record your refunds in Cliniko!

    Sometimes you need a quick and easy way to create a credit note or record a refund. Well, now you have one! Check out this post (and the included video) to see how it all works and where you can find step-by-step instructions.

  • An example of a signature on a patient form.

    Add signatures to patient forms!

    Getting signed forms from your patients has never been easier. Once received, your patients can digitally sign on their computer, tablet, or mobile phone, and submit their signed form right back to you.