Watch our recording of Cliniko & Coffee—July 2022

With the year being halfway done, we thought it would be a good time for another session of Cliniko & Coffee, where our founder Joel answers your burning questions while getting caffeinated!

Emily Gable·

Here's the video playback of our latest Cliniko & Coffee event!

Joel, always a fan of early mornings, was up and at it by 8am to get cracking on his first coffee of the day while also chatting all things Cliniko. (Okay, just kidding… Joel isn’t exactly a fan of early mornings. But he is a fan of coffee, and of course he’s a fan of Cliniko, so it was mostly a win-win, right?)

If you had a question that wasn’t covered, feel free to email our support team or submit a feature request! You can watch the full replay above, but we’ll cover some key highlights right here.

Cliniko highlights

Custom patient fields—what are they?

This event happened to coincide pretty closely with the release of a new feature, custom patient fields. There were quite a few questions about this, so Joel offered a live demo to share how it works!

Does Cliniko offer spell check?

No, not within Cliniko itself—but your browser can do this! Most browsers will have a setting where you can enable spell check, so when you’re typing anything in the browser—treatment notes, for example—your text will automatically be checked for correct spelling! There are also a number of third-party apps that can do this, but Joel has some concerns about how those handle personal and private data. If you must use spell check, he recommends simply using your browser’s inbuilt spell check feature over anything else.

Pro tip: if you’re using Grammarly, please (please, please) check their privacy policies before signing up! This goes for any third party spell check app you might be using.

What new features are coming?

Ah, the golden question!

One thing we’re working on is sending invoices with payment information through Cliniko—this will make it even easier for patients to pay immediately when they receive an invoice.

We’re also pushing forward signatures on letters—there’s no ETA, but rest assured, this particular thing is a much sought-after feature and we know it’s necessary to get out there in the real world. Stay tuned!

Can you search for failed communications?

Joel, the little sneaky-sneak that he is, can indeed search for failed communications! This was apparently a hidden gem of a Cliniko feature in which you literally just type “Failed” in the communications log, and all of your failed communications are brought up. Who knew?! (Joel did, apparently. 🤔 What else might he be keeping from us?)

When will the next Cliniko & Coffee be?

This we can definitely answer—it will be in November! Many members of the Cliniko team are trekking down to Australia so we can have our first meetup in three years! 🥹 We’ll plan on doing another live Cliniko & Coffee Q&A with as many team members as possible, so you’ll get to meet some new faces (and probably hear some minor arguments about which type of coffee is best. Things could get entertaining, that’s all we’ll say).

Thanks to everyone who stopped by—it’s always good to test Joel in the wee hours of the morning. We appreciate you participating in today’s event, and we’ll look forward to seeing you again in November!

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Emily Gable is a writer for Cliniko. When not blogging about practice management or writing how-to guides for the Cliniko support site, she enjoys hanging out with her dogs, eating pizza, and attempting to be a runner.

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