Watch our recording of Cliniko & Coffee—November 2022

This caffeinated event happened to take place during our most recent team meet up, and you might recognise some familiar (and new) faces!

Emily Gable·

Here’s the video playback of our most recent Cliniko & Coffee event!

This was a rather special edition of Cliniko & Coffee, because it took place during our first team meet up in over three years! 🤗 That was a long time for the Cliniko team to go without seeing one another, because despite working remotely all over the globe, we always tried to have at least one get-together each year. That ground to a halt in the early stages of the pandemic, but now that things have resumed some “new” level of normal, we were very fortunate to have most of the team fly out to Healesville (Australia) to work, spend time together, and meet each other in real life. (There were quite a few new hires during COVID, so despite having been part of the team for, in some cases, three years, some folks had never had the chance to meet in person!).

Anyways! That’s the backstory behind this very special edition of Cliniko & Coffee. As per the norm, if you have any questions that weren’t covered, feel free to email our support team or submit a feature request! You can watch the full replay above, but we’ll cover some key highlights right here.

Cliniko highlights

Keep an eye out for a fresh new Community forum, designed specifically for allied health professionals!

The all new Cliniko Community will be launching on 1 December! It will be a moderated forum (anyone can join, so long as they sign up) for those of you in the Allied Health space to gather and discuss important topics with one another, and gather with like-minded individuals! We’ll be announcing more about it on 1 December.

Can Cliniko integrate with Slack to notify reception when patients arrive?

Not yet, but this is on our radar! We’ve already started putting some work in towards this, and while it’s a priority, we want to make sure that it’s completely ready to go (there are some other, related features that would go along with this that aren’t quite ready just yet). We don’t have an ETA just yet, but stay tuned!

How close are you to having signatures on letters?

Soon…very soon! Keep your eyes and ears peeled in the coming weeks!

Can you export individual reports to CSV/Excel files?

No, but you can copy and paste the data from the report into a spreadsheet (simply by highlighting the data in the report, pressing copy, opening up the spreadsheet, and pressing paste!). This isn’t the most efficient way of doing it, but until we have a proper way in place (which we plan to, one day, just not sure when), copy/paste will be your best friend for this particular request! With this said, data exports might also do what you’re trying to achieve!

Bonus round! Our resident video queen, Rachel, got to step in to answer some questions of her own! Specifically: what’s her favourite part of the video creation process, what’s her favourite coffee, and what’s her favourite Australian animal?

Rachel’s favourite part of the video process is the learning and discovery! Before working for Cliniko, Rachel didn’t have experience in video creation and production—and over the years, learning how to create, edit, and produce content has been something she truly enjoys!

Rachel posing with a book about her favourite Aussie animal, wombats

Rachel posing with a book about her favourite Aussie animal.

And Rachel’s favourite coffee? She loves caramel macchiatos (a drink that can be found in the U.S.), and is a fan of adding sweet syrups (such as caramel and vanilla) to her coffee. 😋 Her favourite Australian animal is the wombat!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by! We look forward to seeing you next time! ☕️

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Emily Gable is a writer for Cliniko. When not blogging about practice management or writing how-to guides for the Cliniko support site, she enjoys hanging out with her dogs, eating pizza, and attempting to be a runner.

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