Watch Adapting your business: Video marketing Q&A with Rachel

Creating video content can help to raise your healthcare business's profile and connect with patients, but getting started can be tricky. Our resident in-house videographer, Rachel, sat down with Joel to chat all things video production and offered some tips and tricks for anyone getting started.

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See the recording of Video marketing Q&A with Rachel right here! Joel starts speaking at about 45 seconds in.

Videos can be a great asset to your healthcare business—they can raise your clinic's profile and help to connect with patients on a deeper level than, say, just a written newsletter!

You might recognize Rachel from many of the videos on the Cliniko YouTube channel—particularly, Cliniko This Week and Tip of the Week! As our in-house videographer, Rachel creates, edits, and produces almost all of the videos you see from Cliniko. She sat down with Joel to chat about all things video marketing, from how she got started making videos to the equipment she uses, and more.


Some of the topics we covered were:

Why create videos, versus using other mediums?

Videos can be a great way to really get "personal" with your audience—it can be like chatting with a friend! That's not to say that other mediums aren't, but videos, when done right, can make your audience feel like they really know the real you, which can be a great boost to your business!

What's the ideal length for videos?

It's probably going to depend on what you're filming, but through analytics, Rachel found that the average viewer only watched Cliniko videos for a few minutes. This led her to change her format, and begin making shorter videos that packed more of a punch into less time!

Can I wing it, or do I need a script?

Rachel writes a script for each of her videos, and then adds the captions to the video. This means that no matter the viewing platform, you can read what's being said, as well as hear it. Having a script is helpful because it lets Rachel prepare for what she's going to talk about and stay on track throughout the filming session. It also helps to ensure that she's talking about things that are going to keep the audience as engaged as possible, during the video!

Helpful links and tools

Here are the links to some of the tools and software that Rachel recommended.

Video editing and posting resources

Rachel's recommended recording gear

  • Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T5i
  • Microphone: Blue Yeti Microphone
  • Lightning: Elgato Key Light 

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