The all new Cliniko Community

We'll be launching an all new Cliniko Community on the 1st of December 2022.

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The new Cliniko community is now live! Follow the link to learn more and join us.

We're excited to announce that we'll be launching an all new Cliniko Community on the 1st of December 2022. This will be a place for those working in healthcare to discuss important topics, compare notes, and maybe even enjoy a bit of banter.

If you’re already in 12 Facebook groups, you might be wondering if this is just more of the same. But we think there's room for a better kind of community space. This won't be a Facebook group. And one key difference is that your posts and comments won't be shared with the big data companies like Google and Meta.

This community will also be more diverse than many of the others currently out there. Cliniko is used in more than 80 countries, by many different professions, and the aim of this new space is to bring a wide variety of backgrounds, viewpoints, and experiences together. It will also give you the chance to connect with other people from the same geographical area or profession as you.

As you may know, we do have an existing Cliniko Community, however it hasn’t succeeded in facilitating the kind of discussions it was designed for. The current site is forum based, which significantly limits its potential. We think the best kind of community space will instead be more transient in nature – focusing and highlighting current conversations, rather than returning to older topics.

The main goal of the new community is to facilitate conversations between the amazing people who use Cliniko, as well as with the wider healthcare community.  Although the Cliniko team will be participating, the purpose of the site isn’t to chat with us — it’s really intended to give you a safe and private space to discuss important topics with each other.

So what happens from here?

On the 1st of December, the new community will be released and details on how to join will be available then. The new site will be largely chat based, with many topics you can join, but it won’t use the tools you may expect (it isn't a Facebook group or Slack community). It will also have the ability to host voice and video chats, so we expect to be holding some video events there in future.

On this same date, our existing community site will switch to "read-only" mode, meaning you can still read the topics there but no new contributions will be possible. From the 1st of February 2023, the existing community site will no longer be available.

Stay tuned

We're excited to be putting together a new place for you to discuss important topics, learn from others, and share what you know. Our hope is that it will be a much easier way to connect with others in the healthcare community. Stay tuned for the release on December 1st, when you can join up and become a part of something new.

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Joel Friedlaender is the founder of Cliniko. He writes about productivity, team-work, and how we do things differently. Follow him on Twitter at @jfriedlaender.

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