Work culture

We work a little differently at Cliniko. Here's how (and why).

  • It's just business

    'It's just business'—or is it? In this short post, our founder Joel explains why he believes this seemingly innocent phrase can be harmful to company culture.

  • Why we have no meetings at Cliniko

    Can good communication and decision-making happen without meetings? In this post, our founder Joel explains why we don't have meetings at Cliniko and what we do instead.

  • 3 ways Cliniko has learned to make remote

    Cliniko has always been a remote company. We've learned a lot of lessons over the years and discovered that effective communication, flexible schedules, and personal support can create some incredible results while your team is working from home.

  • 5,118 reasons why our hiring process matters

    At Cliniko, we created a custom hiring process to help us make the best selections for our team. We’ve been charting our own path for years, but never has our grand idea been more truly tested than during our most recent hiring campaign when we received 5,118 applications.

  • Managing a remote team during COVID-19

    Our founder Joel Friedlaender has been running Cliniko as a fully-remote and globally-dispersed company for the past ten years. As many businesses are forced to work from home, he shares some lessons he's learned along the way.

  • How we hire

    We've put together a really great team at Red Guava (the company behind Cliniko). This is a post about how we've done that.