Finance management

Manage invoices, payments, expenses and product inventory with Cliniko’s simple yet comprehensive financial tools—all linked to your client, communication and appointment history.

Billing invoice with patient and clinic information.

All finance management features

  • Default invoice items.


    Seamlessly create invoices from the appointment calendar.

  • Pay multiple invoices

    One payment can cover multiple invoices—handy if a client is paying for services in bulk.

  • Appointment information

    Automatically include all the details of your clients’ appointment directly on their invoices.

  • Dropdown menu with related billable items.

    Invoice items

    Automatically relate certain services and products to appointment types, helping to automate the invoicing process.

  • Secure

    Control who has access to invoices and who doesn’t, as well as who can edit them.

  • Discounts

    Apply discounts at the time of invoicing, or even override the price for complete flexibility.

  • Personalised

    Easily include all of a client’s contact details on their invoices, or add third-party billing information.

  • Branded

    Include your clinic’s logo on invoices.

  • Business details

    Add your clinic’s banking details or ABN, making it easy for clients to know how to pay you.

  • Patient name with account balance total.

    Account balance

    See how much clients owe, or how much they’re in credit. Easily find out if a client has outstanding invoices.

  • Online payments

    Cliniko's mobile-friendly online payments feature offers patients the flexibility to pay for your services from anywhere, improving their experience and helping to reduce your workload.

  • Payment summary.

    Payment records

    Record payments and close out invoices directly from a client’s file. Splitting the bill? No problem—invoices can be paid in a variety of ways, including by third parties.

  • Refunds

    Easily record and track refunds for your patients or convert payments into account credit for future use.

  • Invoice and payment logs

    Keep track of any changes made to an invoice or a payment—Cliniko’s logs will show you every event that has occurred.

  • Prepayments

    Clients can pay up front for services. Use prepayments to pay invoices at a later date.

  • Statements

    Create account statements to see how much a client owes, has paid, or both over a certain period of time.

  • Concession type list with registered unemployed, seniors and students.

    Concession types

    Create concessions to give certain clients unique set prices on their invoices.

  • Search field for billable items.

    Billable items

    Add item codes and names to your billable items to help patients make third party claims.

  • Custom payment types

    Do your clients pay by credit card? Cash? Does private health or Medicare take care of it? No worries—you create as many different payment types as you need.

  • Taxes

    Easily set up tax rates to collect tax on relevant products.

  • Email invoices

    Email invoices to a client or third party at the touch of a button. Track which invoices have been sent, and when.

  • Tabular data with item information.

    Product sales

    Keep track of all of your products and barcodes for easy sales.

  • Stock levels

    Track current stock levels of all your products to know how many you have on hand.

  • Expenses

    Record your expenses directly into Cliniko to have them easy to report on, come tax time.

  • Graph with financial information.

    Financial reporting

    Run reports for total revenue, outstanding invoices, and daily payments. You can look at total numbers for the practice as a whole, or individual practitioners.

  • Xero integration

    Integrate with Xero and Cliniko will automatically push across your accounting information without you needing to do a thing.

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