Reporting and tracking

Detailed performance reports help you gain an in-depth understanding of the ins-and-outs of your practice. Track income and performance over time, and see which marketing channels are the most effective—real-time information to help you make the decisions that will grow and improve your practice.

Cliniko's reporting page with appointments, patient, transactions, practitioners and marketing data.

All reporting and tracking features

  • Tabular data with appointments information.

    Appointment reports

    View your daily, weekly, and monthly schedules, or get a breakdown of what each practitioner is doing during the day.

  • Notes for appointment cancellations.

    Cancellations and no-shows

    Track which clients haven’t attended their appointments and see how much notice they’ve given. Easily create cancellation fees for late cancellations.

  • Birthday reports

    Easily see who has a birthday coming up, and contact them to offer a personalised happy birthday message.

  • Recall section with patient information and date.


    Track clients who need to come back for a follow-up, or reach out to clients who have never booked an appointment.

  • Client spend

    See which clients are the biggest spenders, and how much they’ve spent over time.

  • List of payment types and amounts.

    Payment reports

    See the total amount of payments taken on a particular day or a specific timeframe, and get a breakdown of payment types (credit card, cash, HICAPS, etc.).

  • Practice revenue

    Get an overview of total revenue over any period of time—for the clinic as a whole, or for individual practitioners. See what services and products are the most popular.

  • Tabular data with invoice information.

    Outstanding invoices

    Get a list of all invoices that are still open, and see which practitioners are owed money.

  • Expenses

    Record your expenses directly into Cliniko to have them easy to report on, come tax time.

  • Graph illustrating practitioner performance.

    Practitioner performance

    See how each practitioner is performing—from total revenue to new clients to number of cancellations, you’ll be able to get an overview of how everyone is doing.

  • Pie chart with referral information.


    Track how your clients are being referred—whether by another client, a referring doctor, or custom referral sources that you set up.

  • Practice growth

    See how many new clients you’ve gotten, as well as what types of appointments are the most popular and how clients are being referred.

  • Export dropdown with multiple categories.


    Easily generate spreadsheets to create your own custom reports.

  • Stock levels

    Track current stock levels of all your products to know how many you have on hand.

  • Clients without upcoming appointments

    See who doesn’t have anything booked for the future, and when their last appointment was.

  • Practitioner revenue

    Get individualised reports that show how much each practitioner is earning, and what services they’re offering the most.

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