Business management

Manage multiple business locations, communicate with staff via the internal message board, import and export your data, and much more.

Cliniko's settings page

All business management features

  • Data exports dropdown with multiple data categories.

    Data exports

    Easily export any data stored within Cliniko—your data is your data.

  • Security roles dropdown with multiple roles.

    Security roles

    Different types of users can have different permissions, allowing you to ensure that each staff member has the access they need.

  • Message form with a recipient name, number and sample message.

    SMS messages

    Send SMS text messages to clients. Automatically top up your SMS credits so you never run out.

  • SMS filter form with business name, practitioner and date of appointment.

    Bulk SMS

    Easily send out bulk SMS messages to a group of clients—perfect if you need to let everyone know about a change of address or a special offer.

  • Communication log

    Keep track of all messages that are sent through Cliniko, such as appointment reminders, invoices, and letters. Incoming client SMS replies will show up, too.

  • Multiple locations

    If you operate out of different clinics, no problem—each clinic can be set up with different availabilities, different practitioners, and even different appointment types.

  • Information table with Names, practitioner roles and security roles.

    Unlimited admin staff

    There’s no limit on the number of admin staff that can use your Cliniko account. Whether you have one or one hundred receptionists, everyone can have their own login.

  • Client exports

    Need to provide a client with all the information you have about them? We have you covered with client data files that are easy to download.

  • Contact list

    Store all of your contacts in Cliniko, including doctors, third party payers, and more.

  • Referral sources

    Create any number of referral sources to track where your clients are coming from.

  • Email addresses

    Assign email addresses to different clinics—when clients reply to appointment reminders, confirmations, or anything else, replies will go to the relevant address.

  • API

    Work with a developer and want to be able to create your own addons? Cliniko’s robust API can meet all of your techy needs.

  • Cliniko's message board with a sample message.

    Message board

    Communicate with staff with Cliniko’s internal message board.

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