Booking & scheduling

With Cliniko you can book and manage appointments, as well as view and manage your schedule with ease — great news for anyone who runs a busy healthcare business.

Cliniko's appointment calendar.

All booking & scheduling features

  • Telehealth

    Enjoy the freedom of Cliniko's integrated telehealth software. No matter where you are—or where your patients are—you can arrange video consultations and move forward with their treatments.

  • Cliniko’s appointment calendar view with booked patients and empty booking slots.

    Cliniko’s calendar

    If you’re familiar with digital calendars like Apple’s iCal or Google Calendar, then you’ll find your way around Cliniko’s calendar in no time.

  • Book groups & classes

    Book more than one client into an appointment — particularly useful for things like pilates or yoga classes.

  • The user interface allows viewing your calendar by choosing a specific business.

    Multiple business locations

    Toggle views to see the schedule for each of your businesses — no matter how many locations you have.

  • Appointment confirmations

    Your clients can receive emails that include all the details of their booking—including an attachment with relevant details to add to their personal calendar.

  • Privacy mode

    Hide the names of your clients on the calendar — perfect if you have your screen in a position where others can see it.

  • Create repeat appointments form

    Repeat appointments

    Create and configure appointments that repeat as regularly as you choose, for however many occurrences you need.

  • Cliniko’s patient lookup autocomplete widget

    Quickly find and add clients

    Cliniko’s clever search autocompletes client names as you type.

  • A screenshot of the time zone menu in Cliniko

    Time zone support

    An essential if you treat patients online or your team works remotely. Patients can book appointments in their local time zone and staff can easily view schedules in multiple time zones.

  • Rebooking clients

    Rebook your client’s next visit from the appointment screen at the push of a button.

  • One-off availability

    Make impromptu adjustments to practitioner availability without altering the regular schedule.

  • The user interface allows viewing your calendar as 1 day, 3 days, work         week, 6 days, or 7 days.

    Flexible calendar views

    Switch between viewing today’s appointments for yourself, what everyone in the practice is doing for the week ahead, and everything in between.

  • Cliniko’s wait list user interface

    Wait list

    Next time someone calls to cancel an appointment, fill the gap in your schedule with a client from your wait list.

  • Custom appointment types

    Create and configure your own color-coded appointment types. Assign default appointment types to practitioners for faster bookings.

  • Reschedule appointments

    Quickly and easily rejig appointments when your clients call to make last minute changes.

  • The Cliniko appointment calendar on an iPhone.

    Mobile friendly calendar

    Book and manage appointments on the go with Cliniko’s mobile friendly calendar. Cliniko is equally fantastic on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

  • Online bookings

    With Cliniko you can take bookings 24/7, reducing the time you or your receptionist spend taking bookings over the phone—and it’s all automatically synchronised with your appointment diary.

  • New patient form

    Register new clients while booking

    When a new client makes a booking, take their details while making the appointment without having to switch pages.

  • Cliniko user list with security roles

    Settings per practitioner

    Select which services each practitioner provides, their default appointment type, when they take their breaks, and much more.

  • Real time alert showing a client has arrived.

    Attendance notifications

    Receive notifications when the next client has arrived (or not).

  • Text message to you client saying, “Hi Nadine, don’t forget your appointment with Anna Appleby is on 4th March at 9am. We look forward to seeing you then! — High Street Clinic.”

    Automated appointment reminders

    Reduce patient no-shows with SMS and email messages that are sent automatically to remind your clients of forthcoming appointments.

  • History of changes

    Easily view all changes ever made to an appointment, even see who made the change and when it happened.

  • Keyboard shortcuts

    Become a keyboard shortcuts pro and impress your friends with how fast you navigate the calendar.

  • Online cancellations

    Your clients can have the power to cancel their own appointments. You can be notified of any cancellations.

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