Enjoy the freedom of Cliniko's integrated telehealth software. No matter where you are—or where your patients are—you can arrange video consultations and move forward with their treatments.

A screenshot of a video consultation in progress.

What is telehealth software?

Telehealth software systems allow you to care for your patients through live video consultations. Just like in your clinic, you can arrange appointments with individuals or groups, perform examinations, recommend treatments, and offer follow-up care—all through a secure, high-quality video and audio connection.

Treat anyone from anywhere—you’re no longer limited by location, time zones, or travel restrictions. Got a high-risk patient who needs to stay home? An elderly client with mobility challenges? Or, someone who lives far away in a rural area? No problem! You can help all of them through your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

A healthcare practitioner on a laptop screen conducting a video consultation with a patient on a mobile screen

How it works

Patients can book an appointment by phone or by using Cliniko’s online booking system. They’ll get a confirmation email with a link that lets them easily jump into the call. That way, when their appointment time arrives, all your patient needs to do is follow the link, and they’ll be whisked away to the virtual treatment room where you’ll join them. No login or password is required—just one click and they’re in!

Even if you’re treating patients who live in a different region or country to you, finding the right time for an appointment is simple with Cliniko. Your patients can see your available appointments conveniently listed in their local time, and you can set up your own calendar to view both their time zone and yours. Geography shouldn’t create barriers for anyone to access the healthcare they need, so Cliniko takes the confusion and complication out of navigating time zones—for you, your admin staff, and your patients.

It really is that easy. And it’s simple for you, too!

Security and compliance

All video calls are secured with end-to-end encryption and meet the same strict privacy and security standards as other Cliniko features. You can rest easy knowing your consultations are kept between just you and your patients.

Cliniko keeps your records safe, and all of our features are designed to meet the data protection regulations of Australian Privacy Principles, GDPR, PIPEDA and HIPAA.

Read more about how Cliniko keeps your data secure.

A medical record on a clipboard

Enjoy high-quality video conferencing.

Keep the conversation natural, and hold on to that personal touch your patients have come to know.

A couple of speech bubbles

Exchange secure on-screen messages with your clients.

Share links and other resources directly with patients in the same browser window as the video.

A password with a cross through it

One-click entry for patients.

Automate your confirmation messages to include a link for the appointment. They just follow it, and that’s it. No login required!

A smartphone, a tablet and a laptop

Attend appointments from any location on any device.

All you need is an internet connection and your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Calendar with an add button

Finding the best appointment time is simple with Cliniko.

Your patients can see your available appointments conveniently listed in their local time and you can easily view your calendar in any time zone.

One computer sharing the screen with another

Enhance your appointments with screen sharing.

Diagrams, instructions, pre-recorded videos—show your patients what’s on your screen and talk about it together.

A screen showing four people in a video call

Book video appointments with groups of up to four people.

See everyone on your screen while you consult with multiple patients or practitioners at the same time.

A browser and a video in picture in picture mode

Stay focused on your patients with ‘picture in picture’.

Open up a document or a new browser window while keeping your patient on your screen.

A small screen with arrows to illustrate it can go full screen

Immerse yourself with full-screen video.

You and your clients can block out on-screen distractions to stay fully engaged in the consultation.

Try telehealth free for 30 days

Create a Cliniko account and try every feature, including all the telehealth features, free for 30 days. Set up is quick and easy and usually takes less than 15 minutes.