Health records

Cliniko's client health records are secure, online, and simple to access on your mobile, tablet or desktop. Take notes using your own templates, attach files with simple drag and drop, flag notes to finish later, and much more.

All health records features

  • Store files

    Store all of your patient’s images, letters, and any other type of files in Cliniko. Drag and drop multiple files into Cliniko and upload them all at once.

  • Treatment notes

    Record all of your notes directly in Cliniko, so they’re available when you need them, on any device.

  • Configurable templates

    Treatment note templates are completely customisable allowing them to be simple or complex to suit your needs.

  • Body charts

    If you need to use diagrams or charts when writing notes for your patients, Cliniko has you covered.

  • Mobile friendly

    Take all of your health records with you while you’re on the move. View or write on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

  • Patient forms

    Bring your patient forms online with customised intake forms, questionnaires, and surveys. Secure and easy to use, submitted forms are automatically added to your patients' records.

  • Custom patient fields

    Add custom details like vaccination status, insurance coverage, VIP dates, or any other information that helps you to better manage and understand your clients or patients.

  • Multi-disciplinary

    Create as many templates as you’d like so each practitioner can record what’s important for their session.

  • Practitioner permissions

    Choose to restrict practitioners from viewing others’ notes, ensuring privacy between practitioners.

  • Compliant

    Automatically record when the note was finished to help be compliant with your note-taking requirements.

  • Searchable

    Use Cliniko’s search to find relevant history quickly and spend less time flicking through files.

  • Draft notes

    Save a note as a draft so you can finish writing it at your convenience.

  • Refer to previous notes

    Easily scan previous records writing a treatment note. Copy the last note into your blank template and edit it to save time typing repetitive notes.

  • Attach files

    Store all of your patient’s images, letters, and any other type of files in Cliniko. Drag and drop multiple files to upload them all at once.

  • Medical alerts

    Add alerts that provide at-a-glance crucial notes about your client’s health.

  • Export treatment note to PDF

    Export treatment notes to PDF to share them with doctors and other practitioners.

  • Pin important notes

    Important treatment notes can be pinned to the top of the list so you can refer to them more easily.

  • Account balance

    See how much clients owe, or how much they’re in credit. Easily find out if a client has outstanding invoices.

  • Communication record

    SMS and emails sent and received in Cliniko are automatically added to the client record. Manually add communications made verbally or over the phone.

  • Client privacy

    Respect the privacy rights of your clients with Cliniko’s privacy tools.

  • Letters

    Write letters for patients, doctors, and third parties directly in Cliniko.

  • Letter templates

    Create templates with placeholders to get relevant information added automatically.

Store all your health records free for 30 days

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