Patient forms

Bring your patient forms online with customised intake forms, questionnaires, and surveys. Secure and easy to use, submitted forms are automatically added to your patients' records.

A screenshot of an online patient intake form.

Cliniko's versatile patient forms can be crafted to suit nearly any purpose, like getting a new patient registration or medical history on file before your patient arrives for their appointment—or asking your clients to respond to a customer satisfaction survey or questionnaire.

Set up and customise your own form templates with sections and subheadings. Ask open-ended questions that give patients plenty of room for detailed responses—or keep things simple with multiple-choice options.

As with any Clinko feature, security is the top priority, and every precaution is taken to ensure the safe-keeping of your clients’ health information. All patient forms are stored in your Cliniko account and protected by the same level of security as the rest of your data.

A smartphone, a tablet and a laptop

Mobile, tablet, and computer friendly.

Patient forms can be viewed, completed, and submitted from any device.

Go paperless.

Keep your patient forms online to help the environment and your balance sheet at the same time.

A cloud connected to a network

Keep it in the cloud.

Just like the rest of Clinko, all forms are cloud-based and stored on our secure servers, so there's never any software to install.

A pen writing a signature on a digital tablet

Digital signatures.

Easily allow your patients to sign any form directly from their device. No pen & paper required!

An eye with a cross through it

Maintain patient privacy.

Adjust your settings to make any form viewable to practitioners only.

A password with a cross through it

No login required for patients.

Automate your confirmation messages to include a link to the form. They just follow it, and that's it!

A spanner, a screwdriver and a pencil

Customise your templates.

Get specific and create unique forms that meet the particular needs of your practice.

Try patient forms free for 30 days

Create a Cliniko account and try every feature, including all the patient forms features, free for 30 days. Set up is quick and easy and usually takes less than 15 minutes.