Cliniko Patient Forms with Finger-Ink iPad App

Rachel Harkness·

Finger-Ink for Cliniko (iPad App)

Looking to speed up your form process within Cliniko⏱? While you can scan 👩‍💻, take a photo 📸, or upload your completed forms 📄, you can also use Finger-Ink’s iPad app 🙌!

In this Tip of the Week 💡, Rachel is showing you a demo of Finger-Ink. Including how to create custom forms and how everything works seamlessly with Cliniko.

We have no affiliation with Finger-Ink but can’t resist showing you how their integration adds to the possibilities of paperless forms.

If you like what you see, to get started with a free 7-day trial, head to

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Rachel Harkness is an energetic content creator at Cliniko by day, but outside of work, she's a dog mom and caramel macchiato enthusiast. She's also known to be easily distracted by sloths, Pikachu, and wombats.

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