What’s New in Cliniko — September 2016

Clint Beeken·

Welcome to our update on what we’ve added to Cliniko in the last month! We’ve been busy through August, so let’s check out what’s new and how it can benefit you!

  • You can now book your Patients into multiple Group Appointments at once! We mentioned this was being worked on in our last update, and we’ve been pleased to hear just how much more useful it has made our Group Appointments feature. Here’s a look at it in action!
Now Brennan can be added to all the LAN parties!

Now Brennan can be added to all the LAN parties!

  • Our patient searches in Cliniko have gotten a lot smarter too! Instead of always listing out the results alphabetically, now the results are better ordered so that the person you’re looking for is more likely to be at the top.
  • We’ve improved the data preservation on our Treatment Notes. Previously, if your practitioner’s name had changed for any reason, then all existing notes would have the new name on the old notes. Oh no! We’ve now fixed this, so that the treatment notes will be reflective of the practitioner’s name as of the time it was created.
  • Patient email addresses have been added to the Appointments Data Export. Since we don’t ‘assign’ practitioners to patients, it can be pretty tricky to get a list of patients that have seen a particular practitioner, if they see more than one practitioner within the clinic. Now, you can export out your Appointments, sort and filter your information down to just a single practitioner, and have a list of patients they have seen, ready to be imported into the email program of your choice!
  • There’s also been a few little fixes for little issues, and you can find out more on those on our support site.

As per usual, we’re also keeping busy with a bunch of back-of-house code writing and changes in preparation for upcoming big features. We’ll have more info on those in the near future.

Thanks for reading, and if you want to stay up to date with all the latest on Cliniko, you can follow us here, on Twitter, Facebook, and our support site. Have a great September, from all of us here at Cliniko!

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