Cliniko News — 27 April 2012

Joel Friedlaender·

We just sent out our April newsletter, here is the content for those of you that aren’t subscribed….

We have been really hard at work this last month developing features you have been requesting. Ordinarily we have a pretty good rate of releasing updates, in fact we have released on average 2.4 updates to Cliniko per week since we launched last year. That is a total of 105 updates in just 44 weeks. I say this because I think we have outdone ourselves lately, not only have we been releasing a lot of updates but we have released some really big features. Without doubt the biggest feature we have released in the last month was our multi-location update. This allows you to use a single Cliniko account to manage businesses at multiple locations. It takes less than 5 minute to set this up and you can be operational right away. Possibly the best thing about this new feature is the price…. no change. You can have any number of locations no matter which plan you are on. We really understand what a big decision it was to choose Cliniko for your business and we appreciate it every day. Our way of saying thank you is to keep working hard to make Cliniko even better. Below are a list of changes that we have released in the last month or so but they are nothing compared to what’s coming. Thanks, Joel Friedlaender Founder Treatment notes auto-save (14-Mar-2012) Never lose an unsaved treatment note again. Your treatment notes now automatically save while you are writing them. If you forget to save or navigate to another page, no problem, they are saved as draft and waiting for you when you return. SMS replies are now forward to a number of your choice (30-Mar-2012) You can now put your phone number into Settings > SMS Settings within Cliniko to ensure any time a patient replies to one of the automated SMS reminders that it is forwarded onto you. The forwarded message even contains the patient’s name in case you don’t know their number of hand. Extra fields added to the patient export (02-April-2012) We have added a few more fields to the patient export function so you can do better reporting yourself or possibly use it for mail merges. These fields are “Last Appointment”, “Next Appointment”, “Birth Month”, “Practitioner Last Seen”. You can have any number of reference numbers for practitioners (21-April-2012) You can now have any number of reference numbers for practitioners (previously there was just one provider number), you can also name these whatever you like. These will appear on invoices. Multi-Locations or Businesses within one Cliniko Account (21-April-2012) You can now have multiple locations or business within one Cliniko account. It’s super easy to setup and even easier to use. Just go to Settings > Business Information to get started. MailChimp integration (25-April-2012) We have integrated Cliniko with a fantastic email marketing program called MailChimp. I know many of you already use MailChimp, this will allow Cliniko to sync your patients across making it even easier to send our newsletters. For those of you not using MailChimp yet, I highly recommend checking it out. There is a free plan for businesses with less than 2,000 patients (only patients with email addresses count) and that are sending less than 12,000 emails per month. We have a short guide and video tutorial here Integrating Cliniko with your MailChimp account Lots more too!

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Joel Friedlaender is the founder of Cliniko. He writes about productivity, team-work, and how we do things differently. Follow him on Twitter at @jfriedlaender.

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