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We’ve been helping people use Cliniko for almost 6 years now. In that time we’ve made significant improvements to the support we provide. We respond faster and more accurately than ever before. But we can still do better.

We’re excited to be bringing in-app support chat right into Cliniko. You’ll be able to get fast assistance to your queries without ever leaving the page you’re on. More about this shortly.

There is another change coming too, we’ll be discontinuing phone support. As much as we love talking to you all (and we really do), it has hampered our ability to give you the great support you deserve.

So as of the Tuesday 6th June, 2017, we’ll be turning off the phones and you’ll find chat support right in Cliniko itself.

How chat support in Cliniko will work

It’s super easy. No more leaving Cliniko to visit the support site or open your emails, and no more waiting for a callback! Within Cliniko itself, you’ll be able to send through a message easily, it looks just like this.

Access live help chat by clicking the help button in the main Cliniko menu and pressing "Chat with us"

When we’ve responded to your query, you’ll see a cute little pink dot letting you know we’ve replied.

Cliniko's message board screen.

It’s really simple to use, and will let you get fast support without interrupting what you’re doing.

What makes chat support better than phone?

Our experience providing support over the last 5+ years with both email and phone has really highlighted some key differences between text and voice support for us. The main considerations for this change are:

Faster response times

As much as we try to get to everyone’s call right away, we’re only able to answer 25% of phone calls we receive. We always call back, but that’s not a great experience! Phone calls just aren’t our fastest way to support you, and with our small team, that can really show at times. We want to help everyone as quickly as possible. With text-based answers, we have a median response time of roughly 10 minutes. By devoting all of our time and energy to text-based support, this will get even better.

Better prioritising

When a phone call comes in, we answer the first person who rings, and we answer all their questions. But if someone rings up while we’re on the phone, they go to voicemail (see that 25% above)! If someone is having trouble logging in or connecting to Cliniko, but gets pushed to voicemail, we can’t simply stop our current phone call to help the more “urgent” request. We can (and do) manage this with text-based support, ensuring that if you need urgent help you get it…well…urgently!

More considered responses

In text, we can consider the question carefully, talk to others in our team, do some research, then come back to you with a complete and accurate answer.

We’re not too shabby on the fly in a phone call, but we’re not aiming for “not too shabby”. We want amazing.

Information how you need it

We’re providing support for a software application. In hindsight, it kind of makes sense that we provide our support within Cliniko itself.

With in-app chat, we’ll be able to give you visual guides and actionable links to make it super easy to follow our instructions.

Your convenience

You can fire off your question and go back to seeing your clients. Read our response when it suits you. You won’t need to find a block of 10 or more minutes to be able to call us.

Also it’s going to be super fast for you, because the new chat support is right in Cliniko. You won’t even need to leave the page you’re on, it’s on every page!


We know that this is a big change to how we do support and it’s not one we’re taking lightly. We truly believe this allows us to provide better support, and we assure you we’re not doing it as a cost cutting exercise; in fact, we’re adding more people to our support team right now!

I’m sure some of you are still feeling a little nervous about this, but we’re really excited about this change. As always, we’re going to be here for you whenever you need us. Also if you’re really keen to hear a friendly voice from the Cliniko team, you could always just ask us to give you a call.

We’re not going anywhere, we’re still the same real people here to help you, just in a more effective way.

We really appreciate your support with this, and would also love to hear your thoughts.

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Clint is one of our rockstar support team. He's pretty awesome but hasn't written us a bio for this profile, and we have to hit a 140 character limit.

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