Cliniko is matching your donations to Ukraine

For one week, between Wednesday 9th and Wednesday 16th March, we will be matching your donations to help Ukraine. See all the details below!

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The conflict in Ukraine is devastating news. Our thoughts are with the displaced people of Ukraine, and all those affected by these events. It’s truly terrible witnessing violence and destruction unfold and feeling powerless to stop it.

There are a few ways that we’d like to offer our help.

Firstly, we’ve donated a total of $AUD 10,000 to two organisations helping Ukrainian children who’ve been displaced. Lublin Hospice and The Little Big Man Foundation are both based in Poland and doing admirable work with Ukrainian children in need. You can read more about them below.

And we want to do more. Between Wednesday 9 March and Wednesday 16 March we’ll also be matching all donations you make towards humanitarian aid and animal welfare for Ukraine. Give to any organisation of your choice, send your receipt to, and we’ll contribute the same amount to one of our selected not-for-profits. Big or small, anything you can donate makes a difference. If we get a massive response to this, we may need to cap our matched donations, but we’ll try to dig deep so that doesn’t happen.

While there are countless organisations to choose from, we strongly recommend doing some research before you donate to make sure that your money will be used legitimately and efficiently.

If it helps, we selected the following two organisations with the help of team-members Bartosz (development) and Dara (customer support):

  • Lublin Hospice, a Polish facility near the Ukraine border, is caring for refugee children in need of medical care. While the hospice usually looks after children with terminal and progressive illnesses, it is also currently providing for children and their parents evacuated from hospices in Kiev and Lviv. If you are looking to donate to Lublin Hospice, you can find bank details for a direct deposit here – just attach a note saying “for children of Ukraine”.
  • Fundacja Mały Duży Człowiek, directly translated as The Little Big Man Foundation, is also located in Poland. This organisation provides care to orphans and is currently running a campaign to help Ukrainian orphanages. This foundation provides clothes, nappies, food, blankets, baby formula, and other essentials. The foundation is overseeing the delivery of these items directly into Ukraine, as well as to locations in Poland where refugees have been evacuated. The link to donate can be found here.

There’s no doubt that these are very difficult times. But the global response to a crisis like this also highlights people’s generosity and care. And we genuinely believe that, together, we can make a difference.

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