Cliniko is now a fully endorsed partner of the Australian Physiotherapy Association

Run your practice with confidence, knowing that Cliniko is recognised as an industry leader, equipped with the tools you need to manage your practice and give your patients the attention they deserve.

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We’re excited to announce that Cliniko is officially an endorsed partner of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA).

With over 28,000 members, the APA has earned a rock-solid reputation for supporting physios through educational resources, job placement, professional development, networking, and political advocacy.

We're thrilled with this new partnership and are proud to continue our support of physios everywhere and the industry as a whole.

How did we earn this endorsement?

Cliniko has been used for nearly 10 years by physiotherapists in Australia, so we were confident we’d pass with flying colours. But it was still nice to get the official approval from a well-respected organisation like the APA.

The process spanned across several months of preparation and evaluation, during which our software spent plenty of time under the microscope to make sure it's a good fit for physios.

The APA had some very specific requirements about what Cliniko would need to earn the endorsement. Here's a small sampling of what the APA was looking for:

Data security

Cliniko information is stored in Australia, for Australian businesses. Our platform meets and exceeds the requirements of both the Australian Privacy Principles and the Health Record Act (2001).

Cliniko also meets the requirements of the GDPR (European privacy regulation) and HIPAA (US privacy laws). The extra protection required by these legislations allows us to far exceed the requirements in Australia.

Physio-centric treatment notes

Cliniko treatment notes are flexible and totally configurable. Body charts let practitioners draw directly within the note using their mouse, finger, or stylus. And all notes are equipped with auto-saving and locally encrypted storage as an added precaution.

A connected ecosystem

We have tons of great integrations you can link with your Cliniko account, including some exercise rehabilitation apps that make it simple to prescribe exercises for clients.

You can also make Medicare claims and private health payments (via HICAPS) from within your Cliniko account—no terminal is required.


Telehealth is built into Cliniko. There's no download to install (for practitioners or clients). It's also very easy to use on nearly any device and allows both parties to join the video call with the touch of a button.

New features and updates are always in the works to help make telehealth a dependable, long-standing pillar of your practice far into the future.

Online booking

You can easily embed online booking into your website or Facebook page, and new appointments will be automatically synced to your diary.

What does this new partnership mean for you?

If your physio practice is already using Cliniko, this endorsement confirms that you made a smart choice, but hopefully you already knew that. 😉

Here's what our founder, Joel, had to say about it:

'It's great to be officially partnered with the APA. We’ve been helping physios run and grow their businesses for nearly a decade. Now we can work with the APA to further improve and support physios throughout Australia.'

If you’re not using Clinko yet, this new partnership also brings a special offer for APA members. Just log into your member account to get the details and find out how Cliniko can benefit your business.

Check out the APA website to learn more about the partnership program and how you can become a member.

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