Automatically add practitioner signatures to letters!

When creating & editing your letter templates, you’ll now see an option to include practitioner signatures as a placeholder!

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Cliniko this week: Practitioner signatures on letters

Happy new year Cliniko friends and family! To celebrate, we have an exciting new feature to announce for patient letters! You can now add practitioner signatures to your letters automatically!

Creating a practitioner signature

To get started, practitioners will need to create and save their signature within their profile.

To do this, head over to “My Info” (located underneath your name within the Cliniko menu):

My Info link in the Cliniko menu

From here, scroll down and click or tap the "Add signature" button. On the Change your signature page, you can now create a signature:

Change your signature page

Practitioner signature settings

Practitioners also have the option to control how their signature is used and applied on invoices and letters within Cliniko.

To edit practitioner signature settings, head to “My info” page and select “Edit your practitioner settings”:

Edit your practitioner settings button

The following options can be selected for practitioner signatures:

  • Don't allow my signature to be used in letters: which means the practitioner’s signature will not be applied in any way.
  • Allow my signature to be used in letters assigned to me: meaning the practitioner’s signature will be applied automatically regardless of the user who creates the patient letter.
  • Allow my signature to be used in letters created by me: which means the practitioner’s signature will be applied automatically only if the practitioner creates the letter themselves.

Practitioner signature placeholder

In order for any practitioner signatures to appear, letter templates within your Cliniko account must have the practitioner signature placeholder added.

Just note: at this time only Administrators or Power Receptionists can update letter templates.

To add the new placeholder, head to Settings, and then Letter templates. From here, select the name of an existing Letter template you'd like to edit or click the Add letter template button to create a new Letter template.

Use the Practitioner drop-down to add the Practitioner signature placeholder anywhere within the content of your template:

Practitioner signature setting placeholder

The next time you or your team uses the updated template to write a patient letter, you'll now see their signature appear as well as an option to select which practitioner's signature you'd like to apply.

Demo of selecting a practitioner

We hope you love this new feature but if you have any questions or feedback about practitioner signatures, reach out to our support team.

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