Cliniko community meetups are back!

We recently hosted an event for our Melbourne customers, which was a lot of fun. If you couldn’t make it, here’s a rundown of what happened.

Aisling Smith·

Photo of our founder Joel talking to a guest at our recent community meet up in Melbourne

After a hiatus of a few years, it’s wonderful to be back at in-person events — we absolutely love getting to meet our customers face to face! In addition to attending a few allied health industry conferences recently, last week we also hosted our first community meetup in a long time, which was a wonderful evening.

The event took place at the lovely, greenery filled Au79 function space in Abbotsford, with about 59 folks in attendance. Cliniko customers from a variety of different professions and clinics came along, as well as our founders Joel and Liora, and a few others from the Cliniko team.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Cliniko event without tasty food and drink on hand! The mini cheeseburgers were a crowd favourite, and the bar was open all evening. Once folks had had the chance to grab a drink and mingle, Joel gave a welcome and an introduction. We then launched into some demonstrations on under-utilised features, with a few members from the team sharing their insider tips on how to get the most out of Cliniko!

  • Emily, one of our writers, showed everyone how to get notified about new online bookings, which is useful information to have without needing to check your calendar all the time.
  • Fahad, who does a bit of everything, highlighted how using patient cases in Cliniko can be a hidden gem! It’s a feature that can be customised and used for multiple purposes but might be especially handy if you’ve got a patient who comes to see you for multiple ailments. Fahad also chatted about the recent changes we made to online payments, which allow patients to pay for their appointments at any time via SMS, email, or even QR code.
  • Then Matt, from our customer support team, pretty much stole the show by showing everyone how to master keyboard shortcuts in Cliniko. Judging from the audience reaction, this was a popular tip! And for good reason — knowing your way around shortcuts can make navigating Cliniko (and especially your calendar) more straightforward than ever.

After the demonstrations, we held a Q&A, where Joel, Emily, Fahad, and Matt were able to answer some questions from people who came along. From responding to specific feature requests to discussing whether Artificial Intelligence will have a role in Cliniko in future (spoiler: we’re still evaluating this), we covered a lot of ground.

Then it was back to chatting, eating, and drinking! People could network if they wanted to, or approach members of the Cliniko team for in-person help. Matt jumped onto a laptop at various points of the night to provide some one-on-one assistance to people, as did Bartosz, one of our software developers.

If you couldn’t make it or you don’t live in Melbourne, never fear! We’re planning on doing more of these events in other locations in the future, so keep an eye out for details and hopefully we’ll see you at the next one.

A photo of our writer Aisling and developer Matt at the November Cliniko Community meet up

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Aisling is a Melbourne-based writer and all around word nerd. When she isn't writing for Cliniko, she likes circus fitness, playing her cello, and eating dessert.

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