What’s New in Cliniko — November 2016

Clint Beeken·

Welcome to our update on Cliniko and the team! We’ve been busy through October, so let’s check out what’s happening behind the scenes, and what’s new and how it can benefit you!

Emily, Joel, and Bartosz at Osteopathy Australia’s 2016 Osteopathy Conference.

Emily, Joel, and Bartosz at Osteopathy Australia’s 2016 Osteopathy Conference.

Firstly, let’s find out what’s new in Cliniko right now!

  • Your Unavailable Blocks now have the same duration as your Practitioner’s “Default Appointment Type”. Previously, we had this set up in a half/half fashion, whereby if you used the “Unavailable Block” button it would use the default, while if you used the drop down bar while making an appointment, it would be 30 minutes. Then, we changed them all to default to 30 minutes. Not too many people were happy with that one! Now, we have all attempts to make an Unavailable Block default to that duration of the “Default Appointment Type”. We hope that will speed up the process for your block-making.
  • Last month, we launched our awesome Custom URL builder for Online Bookings. This month we were alerted, by some very savvy people that use Cliniko, that if you choose to create a Custom URL for a business, we would show all available categories for your entire account, regardless if they were offered there! Whoops! We’ve now fixed that one up, so there should be no confusion as to what you offer where now.
  • We’ve cleaned up the icons found on the Appointment Pop Up. On HD, or just plain large screens, the old icons could look like blurs of colour in vague shapes. Now, they are sharp and representative of what they are meant to be on any screen!
The funky-fresh, sharp new icons!

The funky-fresh, sharp new icons!

  • Been away for lunch, left your calendar open and now your computer’s gone to sleep? Not to worry, as now when waking your computer from sleep, Cliniko will detect it was sleeping and refresh the calendar for you. That means that you shouldn’t have to worry about any stale data being there if, for example, a cancellation or online booking happened on a different device while you were gone. Woohoo!
  • And also, as always, there’s been a few little fixes for little issues. You can find out more on those on our support site.

Up next, we have an exciting update on the Diagrams feature that we’ve been building for Cliniko! At Osteopathy Australia’s recent 2016 Conference (as pictured at the top of the page), Joel, Bartosz, and Emily demonstrated how the feature will work. While we’re still building how it will be embedded within our current Treatment Notes set up in Cliniko, here’s a short video of it in action (with some excellent commentary by Joel):

We want to make sure it’s 100% perfect and easy to use before we get it out there, but we’re super excited by what it will mean for everyone who uses Cliniko, and hope to release it soon. Keep an eye out on the support forum for further updates.

Finally, we currently have half the team over here in Melbourne. Coming from Brazil, USA, Canada, Portugal, the UK, and Poland, a handful of our team members have flown over to meet up and get some face-time while working together. Here’s a snapshot of them working hard at developing Cliniko!

Part of the Cliniko team working hard. Except Joel: he’s just trying to stay warm.

Part of the Cliniko team working hard. Except Joel: he’s just trying to stay warm.

Thanks for reading, and if you want to stay up to date with all the latest on Cliniko, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and our support site. Have a great November from all of us here at Cliniko!

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