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Catch up on the latest news from Cliniko in our first blog post for the year.

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Happy New Year from Cliniko! 🎉 We hope you had a bit of a break and that you’re heading into 2022 feeling refreshed. We’re back in full swing at Cliniko and looking forward to another year of supporting you as you run your practice. Read on to find up what we’ve been up to so far this year!

New team members at Cliniko

The Cliniko team keeps growing! 🥳 At the end of last year, we hired a few new people who we want to introduce to you, including two developers. The development team is always working on improving Cliniko, so you can simply focus on caring for your patients without having to worry about anything else.

Meet our new hires:

  • Nick joins the development team from Australia. He has 10 years development experience working with the platform on which Cliniko runs. Nick is looking forward to digging into features that’ll help practitioners be more effective in their day to day use of Cliniko. When he isn't working, Nick enjoys cycling, skiing and firing up the Xbox.
  • Lou is a software developer based in the Philippines. He has a background in embedded systems software engineering and web development. He also has experience in providing technical and administrative support. He’s excited to learn the ins and outs of healthtech and contribute to making Cliniko as good as possible. Outside of work, he can be found trying to keep up with his girls' unlimited energy and laughing with his wife. He likes coffee, composting, reading blogs, listening to podcasts and catching up on the latest in boxing and MMA.
  • Aisling has come on board as our new content writer. She lives in Australia and previously worked in universities as an academic and a curriculum writer, while also writing fiction. She can’t wait to work with the guest writers who feature on the Cliniko blog and to continue developing Cliniko’s original content. In her spare time, Aisling is an aerialist and plays the cello.

We’re bringing on more new developers later this year, so if you’re a developer who is keen to work with Cliniko and you missed our last hiring round, never fear! Keep an eye on our social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram)  👀 We’d love for you to apply!

Cliniko & Coffee 2022

Get set for Cliniko & Coffee! ☕ This live Q&A session will be held on Thursday 24th February at 8am AEDT (that’s 23rd February at 9pm GMT / 23rd February at 1pm PST / 24th February at 10am NZST). It’s your chance to ask our founder Joel absolutely anything you’d like. Whether you’ve got questions about the latest updates we’re making, interested to know more about behind the scenes at Cliniko, or simply want to chat about coffee filters, this session is for you! Send in your questions and save your spot on our events page. We’ll also send you a recording of the session to watch whenever you like.

Last year’s top Cliniko updates and posts 🌟

We’ve got lots of new blog posts and videos in the works for this year, which we’re super excited to be launching soon. But in the meantime, have you checked out our previous releases? We’ve done a roundup of the Cliniko updates and posts that were particularly popular with our readers in 2021 — if you missed any of these the first time around, you might want to give them a look!

  1. 1.New options for manually sending patient forms out, including a QR code: This important change means you now have multiple options for getting a form to your patients – emailing directly from Cliniko, sending via SMS, or creating a QR code for the patient to scan when they arrive at the clinic.
  2. 2.How to decide how much to charge your patients: a guide on pricing your clinic’s services: Allied health business coach Blake Sergeant explains everything you need to know to generate positive cash flow and sustainable profit in your healthcare business.
  3. 3.Cliniko status: You can check this page to see instantly if Cliniko is experiencing any issues.
  4. 4.Calculate the number of hours that a practitioner has seen patients: Find out how to calculate a practitioner's patient-facing hours.
  5. 5.Cliniko patient forms: Learn everything you need to know about Cliniko patient forms with Rachel!
  6. 6.How much does it cost your clinic when a practitioner leaves?: Entering a few details into our online calculator lets you add up what your clinic would lose if a practitioner left, so you can figure out how much to invest in your team culture to keep your staff around.

That’s all for February, we’ll be back with more updates in March! 👋

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Aisling is a Melbourne-based writer and all around word nerd. When she isn't writing for Cliniko, she likes circus fitness, playing her cello, and eating dessert.

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