Everything you missed at Cliniko's first community meetup

Emily Gable·

People enjoying the inaugural Cliniko community meetup

In June 2019, we hosted our first-ever Cliniko community meetup. The goal was to offer a space for members of the community (healthcare, technology, and Cliniko, of course!) to have an opportunity to connect with one another, chat and share industry insights, and imbibe in some delicious food and drink at a local Melbourne haunt!

Along with the general socialising and hanging out, there were two presentations.

Joel Friedlaender—The origins of Cliniko

Cliniko Founder Joel Friedlaender gave somewhat of a history lesson—he discussed the origins of Cliniko, the team behind it, and why we work the way we do. (Spoiler alert: no meetings!) The reason Cliniko is what it is today has everything to do with the team behind it—and the people that use it, of course! Check out Joel’s presentation below for the consolidated History of Cliniko —and learn about how a team that has complete autonomy, no managers, and no meetings keeps the wheels turning.

Joel Friedlaender shares the history of Cliniko

Ben Lynch—Transforming client experiences

Ben Lynch of Clinic Mastery presented the second talk of the night—”Transforming Client Experiences”. Clinic Mastery is committed to helping healthcare professionals and clinics thrive, and makes it all happen via their “Grow Your Clinic” workshops. At the Cliniko Community Meetup, Ben discussed how to ensure that healthcare professionals give their clients the types of memorable experiences that will turn them into superfans. Watch the talk below!

Ben Lynch talks all things client experience

The second-ever Cliniko Community Meetup happened in Melbourne (AU) on August 26th. Once again, there was delicious food, great company, with guest speakers, Karen Finnin (Telehealth pioneer) and Pete Williams (co-founder & co-CEO of Medipass). Catch up on Karen and Pete's talks here.

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