Matt Jones has joined the Cliniko team

Joel Friedlaender·

We are very excited to have Matt Jones join our team this week. Matt is an operations engineer based in Melbourne, Australia. Before joining us, Matt worked for

Matt Jones.

Matt is an active member of the devops community and also founded Infrastructure Coders. You can find his blog here too

Matt will be helping us improve the performance and availability of Cliniko. He’ll also be setting up a lot more monitoring of our infrastructure so that we know well in advance if there is any trouble brewing.

Previously our developers have been taking on this responsibility. This meant they were regularly distracted from working on the features we want to add. We have no doubt Matt’s going to do an even better job of it (this is what he loves to do) and free up their time greatly.

This is a really exciting addition and now brings us up to a team of 8.

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