2015 — Cliniko’s year in review

2015 was a great year for Cliniko, and in our first post of the year, we’re going to recap some of the highlights!

Clint Beeken·

In 2015, the number of businesses using Cliniko increased by 1,484. That means that we now have more than 4,700 businesses actively using Cliniko right now! Over the course of the year, people who use Cliniko in their businesses contributed to the following amazing numbers:

  • $1,129,089,636 AUD raised in invoices in 2015. With that money, people who use Cliniko could get together and fund a few space shuttle launches.
  • 15,341,925 communications sent, via SMS or email. That’s slightly less than your average teenager.
  • 13,098,742 appointments. Cliniko Practitioners delivered literally millions of hours of care in 2015.
  • 3,793,318 patients added to Cliniko accounts this year. That means that you’ve collectively taken on the caseload of Uruguay.
  • 502,760 bookings made via online bookings. That’s 500,000 less phone calls to your clinics!

The Year in Charity

The earth with a heart

When you sign up for Cliniko, we commit to giving at least 1% of your subscription payments to charity, each and every month. Your subscription allows us to do what we love, and we want to give back some of that love to the charities that need it. Here’s a rundown of the charities we’ve donated to this year:

Between those 9 charities, we’ve given \$38,500 this year to help out in situations ranging from sponsoring the education of orphans in Ethiopia, to funding shoes for lower socio-economic children in the the USA, through to the child poverty, environmental and animal welfare issues that both Plan and WWF cover.

In the future, we’ll be highlighting some of our favourite charities in our blog, so be on the look out for more information about Beyond The Orphanage and others soon!

The Year in the Cliniko Team

Many hands assembling the Cliniko logo as a puzzle

This year we welcomed 3 new team members to the Cliniko family! We’ll be introducing Katie, Rachel, and Josh properly on our blog soon with our new “Meet the team” posts coming this year. Jim and Josh also added new members to their families with a couple of new kids. On top of family additions, we also had some big moves with Bruno moving from Brazil to Portugal, and Emily going from the United States to Australia.

In June, the entire Cliniko team came together for a meet up in Greece. For a lot of us, it was the first time meeting each other face to face! While we do work well remotely, it’s always great to actually talk to other humans without going through a computer screen.

The cliniko team in Greece standing in front of some ancient ruins

We also changed office locations this year. Previously, we were in the southern suburbs of Melbourne in Glenhuntly. We made the move to the inner city, and now base ourselves out of the Richmond area. It’s amazing what a change of scenery can bring, and we’ve found that our Melbournite team members love the new surrounds.

As shown in our previous newsletter, Joel spoke at the Real Big Things event about how we do things at Cliniko. He outlined why our 30 hour weeks and unlimited leave help to improve productivity, and about how this set up ensures that we continue to love what we do for you.

The Year in Development

Laptop computer with many coffees next to it

During the year, we made an enormous amount of improvements to Cliniko. These statistics from our code base tell a bit of that story:

  • 243,011 lines of code deleted from Cliniko, and…
  • 225,032 lines of code added to Cliniko. That’s a whole lot of writing and re-writing of code!
  • 1,279 updates to Cliniko, averaging at 5 per working day.
  • 228 announced changes.

These numbers reveal the story of Cliniko development for 2015, in that while we had 228 releases that changed behaviour or added features to Cliniko that we let you know about, we actually had 5 times the amount of changes made to Cliniko this year! A lot of these updates are huge groundwork changes to prepare for upcoming releases, while others were to help maintain and improve the security of Cliniko. Some were infrastructure improvements for reliability or performance, while others were tiny little things like adding one missing character to a line of code!

As for the big things we released this year, here’s the short list:

The Year in Design

Paint splattered desk with iPad and artist’s tools

We’re really proud of the usability of Cliniko, and part of that is making sure Cliniko is easy to navigate, and can be used by everyone. The design and ease of use of Cliniko is a big reason why we consider Cliniko to be as awesome as it is. In saying that, we’ve made some huge changes to how Cliniko looks and feels over the past year. Here’s the Settings page in January 2015 and now:

The old design of the Cliniko settings page
The new design of the Cliniko settings page

And here’s the Appointments page in January 2015 and now:

The old design of the Cliniko appointment page
The new design of the Cliniko appointment page

As noted in our last newsletter, the work hasn’t stopped here, either. We’re still dedicated to making Cliniko more user friendly than ever. We’ll be able to update you with more changes in our next newsletter!

The Year in Support

A laptop with the ocean on the screen and a hand with a life preserver coming out

Our support team is an integral part of the Cliniko experience and again, we racked up some pretty impressive numbers in 2015:

  • 29,408 emails or calls received in 2015 (that’s more than the previous 4 years combined!)
  • 6,173 (97%) “Good, I’m Satisfied” ratings and 160 (3%) “Bad, I’m Unsatisfied” ratings
  • 64% of all emails answered in 15 minutes or less, 24/7/365
  • 9 minutes median reply time for all emails, 24/7/365

In this past year, our support team also moved our phone call operation completely online. The location of our support site changed places too, whilst we also kept busy on the blog, and kept our support site up to date and more informative than ever! With such a busy year, it’s no wonder we added 2 extra support team members!


We’ve got an even bigger year planned for Cliniko in 2016. You don’t need to wait for our next year in review post though, you can stay up to date with us via Facebook, Twitter, our Updates forum, the blog and via our newsletters!

From the Cliniko Team, thanks for making 2015 brilliant. We’ll be working super hard for you all in 2016 to help you manage and grow your businesses as easily as possible.

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