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First things first, we’re looking to add an operations engineer to our team! The security, reliability, and performance of Cliniko are paramount to us, and we’re looking for someone with passion and skills in this area. If this sounds like you or someone you know, you can read more about the open position here. Applications close on 31 May. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Now, onto the Cliniko things!

Cliniko news

  • Multiple time zone support is now available! If you have patients in different time zones, you no longer have to do the math to manually convert their time to yours (and gone are the headaches that came with that). You can now enable multiple time zone support in your account to work with colleagues based anywhere in the world, and you’ll be able to offer appointments to patients no matter where they are, at times that suit both you and them.

On the blog

  • Don’t put sensitive information, like patient data, into ChatGPT! Everyone is talking about this remarkable advancement in technology, but one thing to note is that caution is necessary when using it—and it should never be used for confidential patient data. Our recent blog post on the subject explains why you should never enter sensitive information into ChatGPT, and what might happen if you do.
  • Values and ethics are really important to us as a company. We currently donate 2% of all subscription fees to charity, but it goes much deeper than that, with transparency, honesty, and openness being at the core of Cliniko. We wanted to take a moment to share more detail on how we’re putting our values to action and what that means for you.
  • Are you still taking bookings by phone? You might want to consider checking out online bookings! Online booking can save time for clinicians and patients alike, and we’ve explained some of the other handy benefits you may not have considered in this article, too!

Clinic story

Starting a business right after starting a family is no small feat, and Kimberly and Ben Archer took the leap and made it work when they opened up their new clinic, Melbourne-based Complete Communication Speech Pathology. They discuss how they got started, how they set their business up for success, and what Cliniko does for them.

We hope you’re having a great month. As always, thanks for stopping by, and we’ll be back next month with more updates!

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Emily Gable is a writer for Cliniko. When not blogging about practice management or writing how-to guides for the Cliniko support site, she enjoys hanging out with her dogs, eating pizza, and attempting to be a runner.

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