Custom patient fields are now available in Cliniko!

Here's more info about the latest update in Cliniko, which will allow you to customise additional fields for the patient details page.

Rachel Harkness·

In this video, Rachel demos the steps to create, archive, and restore custom fields within your Cliniko account.

You can now add custom details for your clients or patients in Cliniko! This can include vaccinations, insurance coverage, VIP dates, or any useful information that will help your business manage and understand your patients further.

Once custom fields have been set-up within your account settings, you’ll see those fields appear when creating a new patient or editing an existing patient.

Custom patient fields can be also be archived, restored, and exported within your patient data exports!

In our latest edition of Cliniko This Week, we have a full demo of how you can get started with custom fields, as well as archive and restore them.

You can also head over to our support site for an in-depth guide with more information on how it all works.

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Rachel Harkness is an energetic content creator at Cliniko by day, but outside of work, she's a dog mom and caramel macchiato enthusiast. She's also known to be easily distracted by sloths, Pikachu, and wombats.

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