Bruno and Kelly are joining our team

Joel Friedlaender·

We are excited to announce that Bruno Pinto (software developer) and Kelly Dyson (designer) are joining our team here at Cliniko.

As I announce this, I realise that we do work a bit differently here and I should probably explain that. We are currently a very small team here (there are five of us). We have four in Australia and one in Poland (Bartosz, one of our software developers). Bartosz is as much a part of the team as any, it just so happens he is in a different country.

When we hire people, we want the best. We know a company is only as good as it’s team, and we really want amazing people. At any given time we hire, there are a certain number of people available or looking for work in our area (Melbourne, Australia). That number of people is tiny compared to the number of people available or looking for work all around the world. If we truly want the best, it would be naive of us to only hire the best in our area, unless of course the work can only be done by people in the office (which for us fortunately isn’t the case).

With this is mind, when we hire someone, we look globally. We want the best person we can find in the world. We also offer great work conditions and perks to entice the best people to apply with us.

So far this strategy has worked well for us, we have found amazing people to work on our team and we just found two more:

Bruno Pinto

Bruno Pinto and his wife smiling.

Bruno Pinto is a Ruby on Rails software developer based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He will be beginning with us on 17th December 2012. He will be spending most of his time adding much requested features to Cliniko. He will also be helping us improve our testing procedures behind the scenes and generally helping to make sure we are always use the latest and most appropriate technologies available.

Kelly Dyson

Kelly Dyson.

Kelly is a Designer and Illustrator based in London, United Kingdom. He will be beginning with us on 7th January 2013. He will spend most of his time making Cliniko more usable, user friendly and also improving the look and feel of the system. Kelly will also be helping with all design aspects of our business (our websites, promotional material, etc.). You can see some of Kelly’s work here

We are really excited for them to be both joining our team, we think each are amazing at what they do and will make a big impact on Cliniko through 2013 and beyond.

Welcome Bruno and Kelly!!!

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Joel Friedlaender is the founder of Cliniko. He writes about productivity, team-work, and how we do things differently. Follow him on Twitter at @jfriedlaender.

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