Things you might have missed in 2020 (the good bits)

It's time for our annual recap of the features and educational material we released over the past year. So come along with us as we take a look back at 2020. Who knows? You just might discover something you didn’t know about!

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2020 was quite a year. You could be forgiven if you didn’t quite keep up with all the improvements to Cliniko and the educational material we released. So, on that small chance you didn’t, we’ve put together this wrap-up of things you may have missed in hopes that it will help you manage and grow your business through the new year.

Cliniko got some nifty improvements to help you run your business, whether you could visit on-site or not.

Everyone using Cliniko can now offer Telehealth appointments to their patients, at no additional cost. It’s all built right into Cliniko and doesn’t require any downloads from your patients.

You can even automatically send out digital pre-appointment questionnaires to gather the information you would typically receive on your intake forms—complete with digital signatures too.

These are features we think you’ll be able to take advantage of, no matter how the world looks in 2021.

Likewise, we also released a ton of educational information last year. (Not literally. A ton is a lot, and it’s digital anyway.) We stuck to the topics we know best, like our software, working remotely, data security, and digital marketing. Oh, and coffee. Definitely coffee.

So, with one eye toward the future, we’d like to glance back at some of the features and resources we released in 2020. From tips on using Cliniko, to business advice, to securing patient data—there’s a little something for everyone. We hope you’ll find this helpful as you begin your plans for 2021.

Cliniko features that can make your life easier.

When the pandemic hit and many businesses were unable to operate as they normally would, we pivoted as fast as we could towards COVID-friendly features within Cliniko, and we worked hard to get them out quickly.

We try to make sure everything we add to Cliniko will be valuable long term and work as part of a bigger vision. So, while some of the features listed below may have been inspired by COVID-19, all of them were created as ‘general-purpose’ tools that can be used no matter the circumstances.

  • Telehealth appointments
    Offer your patients virtual appointments with a secure, high-quality video and audio connection.
  • Secure patient forms
    Allow your patients to submit completed digital forms long before their scheduled appointment.
  • Digital signatures
    Give your patients the convenience of signing their digital forms using any computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Multiple time zone support
    Online bookings now offer patients the chance to schedule appointments based on their time zone, not your clinic’s.
  • Record refunds in Cliniko
    Easily record refunds or create credit notes directly from any invoice that instantly sync with the rest of your Cliniko account.
  • Online payments
    Reduce your workload and save time by allowing your patients to pay in advance when they book their appointment online.

Transitioning to a remote practice.

Cliniko has been a fully remote company since our founding nearly 10 years ago, and we’ve learned some lessons along the way.

When the pandemic gave a not-so-gentle nudge for practitioners to start exploring how their practice could go remote, we hoped that sharing our learnings might help others make the adjustments they needed.

Below, you’ll find articles packed with information on running a remote healthcare business and what you can do to make the transition easier for you, your team, and your patients.

Keeping your digital info safe.

At Cliniko, we take data security seriously. It’s our top priority, and we hope it’s yours too. After all, your patients trust you with their private information, and the success of your practice depends on your ability to keep their info safe.

That’s why—in addition to reviewing the resources below—we encourage you to research the security measures in place for all of the software your business uses. Make sure everything meets the necessary standards to protect your practice and your patients.

Digital marketing for your practice.

For many practitioners, 2020 was a chance to get creative—especially with digital marketing. The resources below are filled with simple steps you can take to grow your healthcare business online.

Treating patients remotely.

A big positive from 2020 was the awareness and adoption of Telehealth for remote treatments. Over the past year, many people have learned just how effective Telehealth can be.

To help spread the word, we reached out to experts asking them to share their knowledge on our blog. We hope these guest posts give you a little extra inspiration if you’re looking to treat remotely in 2021.

Safety measures for your clinic.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Hand sanitiser. Social distancing. Masks. These precautions have become much more prevalent during the pandemic.

It’s quite likely clinics will need to continue taking extra steps to ensure their patients’ health and safety. We managed to talk with some practices that have changed their processes to keep everyone safe, and we hope the suggestions they’ve shared in these articles might help you too.

Managing and growing your business.

Many took 2020 as an opportunity to work on their business when they couldn’t necessarily work in it. So, we also released some articles to help inspire you on a variety of topics.

Cliniko & Coffee.

Webinars were a new thing for us this year. We dove in headfirst, learning as we went along. One of the things we quickly discovered was that a lot of you loved casual Q&A sessions with our founder, Joel.

We also knew that, at the time, most people were unaware that he loves coffee—like, seriously loves it. In fact, Joel loves coffee so much that we couldn’t even get him away from it while hosting the webinars—and that is how Cliniko & Coffee was born.

We hope to do more of these in the new year. But for now, take a look back at the inaugural episodes from 2020.

  • Cliniko & Coffee 1
    V60 pour-overs & ‘Will there be time zone support?’
  • Cliniko & Coffee 2
    Joel’s favourite beans & ‘What’s going on with patient forms?’
  • Cliniko & Coffee 3
    Paper filters are better for pour-overs & ‘How can you automate SMS messages after an appointment?’

A final word.

We hope 2021 turns out to be a much smoother, healthier, and happier year for everyone. Please stay safe. Take care of yourselves, your families, and your neighbours.

We’ll keep doing what we can to help. Stay tuned for more resources coming your way in the new year—including more coffee content! (Joel’s bean collection is ever-growing, and it’s rumoured he’s getting into roasting.)

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