Secure patient forms are here!

Cliniko now supports secure patient forms. It’s easy to email them to your patients, and they can fill them out and submit them back to you—no scanning, paper, or file attachments necessary!

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Your patients can now securely fill out forms prior to their appointments—and it can all be set up right from within your account! There is no requirement for your patients (or you) to download anything special for this—everything happens right from your Cliniko account!

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The forms are completely paper-free, which might be particularly handy right now if you need to get important information about a client’s potential exposure to COVID-19 before their appointment. They’ll also be helpful if you're offering telehealth appointments, and physical paper forms aren't an option because you’re not seeing your patients face-to-face.

The new patient forms feature lets you set up as many templates as you need, and you can automatically send them to your patients in their confirmation emails and appointment reminders. Patients can fill them out securely and submit them online, and everything will go right into their details in Cliniko—making it easy to access and review their information at any time.

Learn how they work and how to set them up over on the Cliniko support site!

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