Watch our recording of Adapting your business: Ergonomic assessments with telehealth

We did a live broadcast with Heath Williams (osteopath) and Wade Brennan (physiotherapist) of Corporate Work Health Australia, all about how they offer ergonomic assessments via telehealth and train others to do the same. Watch the replay to see what was discussed.

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We've been putting our heads together here at Cliniko trying to find ways to help you stay in business and adapt your clinic to COVID-19. We recognise that not every allied health practitioner will be able to directly translate their services to telehealth. That's why we invited Heath and Wade from Corporate Work Health Australia to chat to us about the ergonomic assessments they have been offering their clients and other businesses for the past decade, and provide some information about how you can get started doing the same, quickly.

With so many people working from home for the first time, there's little doubt that many lack an ideal home-workplace set up to prevent injury. In this webinar, Wade and Heath offer plenty of tips on setting up new ergonomic assessment services in your existing practice and even do an impromptu assessment of Joel's home workspace to show you how it's done.

Adapting your business: Ergonomic assessments with telehealth

Here are just a few highlights covered in the webinar:

Does a telehealth ergonomic assessment add value for patients?

According to Heath and Wade, absolutely! If individual patients are seeking treatments for other issues but have poor physical workstation ergonomics, then they risk aggravating or maintaining their existing issues.

Separately, companies and organisations may also have a duty of care with respect to managing their teams remotely, and have been turning to Heath and Wade for safety advice.

Is there a course you'd recommend to learn how to provide ergonomic assessments?

Heath & Wade offer the following courses:

Some practitioners will be able to claim CPD credits or hours for these courses. You can use coupon code "clinikoergo" to get either the office or vehicle course for $79, or use coupon code "clinikopackage" to get a bundle package of both courses for $149. Both are valid until 19 April 2020.

How does a telehealth assessment compare to one done in-person?

The biggest challenge is not being able to feel what's going on. With a physical consultation, you can sit in the worker's seat and make adjustments. With video consultations, it's much more about observing and asking the client questions. Good communication and people skills can really boost your results with telehealth assessments.

Are people aware of the need for ergonomic assessments at home?

Patients are probably already more aware of the benefits of ergonomic assessments than clinicians realise. They know that having a poor chair set-up or their screen positioned too low can contribute to their problems. One good way to raise awareness of the benefits could be to build ergonomic assessment into the consultations you are already having.

Is any special equipment required for telehealth ergonomic assessments?

The most important thing your patient will need is a tape measure, so they can send you measurements from around their environment. Photos and a good internet connection are also important. Beyond that, not much else is needed.

We'll be holding more webinars all about adapting your business in the short term. Watch this space for more information!

For more resources on using Cliniko to manage your clinic during COVID-19, be sure to check out our dedicated COVID-19 help articles.

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