Add signatures to patient forms!

Getting signed forms from your patients has never been easier. Once received, your patients can digitally sign on their computer, tablet, or mobile phone, and submit their signed form right back to you.

Emily Gable·

An example of a signature on a patient form.

If you’re sending forms to your patients, you can now include a space for a signature! Signatures can be included on all patient forms, and your patients will be able to sign from their computer, tablet, or mobile phone—using their mouse, stylus, or just their finger.

All you’ll need to do is add a “signature” question type to your form templates. Once a patient receives the form, they’ll see the signature field wherever you’ve placed it.

When your patients submit the signed form back to you, you’ll be able to see their signature within the form in Cliniko, and also on the PDF.

An example of a signed form.

An example of a signed form.

If you need your patients to consent to your clinic’s privacy policy or agree to any COVID-related related precautions you have in place (or anything, really), adding signatures to your patient forms should be helpful!

If you haven’t yet gotten started with secure patient forms, you can learn how to set them up over on the Cliniko support site.

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