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We believe in openness at Cliniko. We know you are placing a lot of faith in us when you choose to use Cliniko to run your practice, so we won’t be keeping any secrets. Here are the key numbers we have gathered while monitoring Cliniko since launching 3 months ago. This will give you a very good indication of the reliability and performance you can expect from Cliniko, although we are always striving to improve on these.

Availability — 99.93%

This is the uptime of Cliniko, or to look at it another way, we had 0.07% downtime. What this actually means over a 3 month period is that Cliniko was unavailable a total of 90 minutes. This was spread out over various minor outages (most are for less than one minute) that can be seen in the data table below. These outages occur at all times of the day (Cliniko is used 24 hours a day due to various time zones), so they may not have been during your usage time.

To calculate this number, we “test” the Cliniko application every 30 seconds. If Cliniko fails to respond to any of these tests, we start the timer. We stop the timer the next time Cliniko responds to a test.

Our biggest outage occurred on the 9th of August when Cliniko was unavailable for just under 30 minutes. This was caused by a power outage in one of our hosting providers data centers, in conjunction with an error in their redundancy routing. This error has been fixed so that this issue will not occur again.

Average Server Response Time — 159ms (0.16 seconds)

This is from the moment our Cliniko server receives a request, to the moment it delivers the requested information. These requests are anything from viewing a page, creating an appointment or looking at a report. This does not take into account the network transfer time (from your computer to our server) or the time it takes your browser to render the page.

Average User Request Time — 2.7 seconds

This is from the time that you click an action in Cliniko, until the time the page is finished loading. This includes transfer time to and from your computer to Cliniko, and also the time for your browser to render the page.


We had two outages of just under 30 minutes each in the past 3 months, both of these were caused by issues that have now been resolved and will not repeat. With the exception of those two, no other outages were reported to have affected our users. We know how important it is that Cliniko is available when you need it, and work hard to make sure it always is. We would love to have 100% uptime, but unfortunately that isn’t realistic, we do try to get as close to that as possible.

To achieve the reliability and performance levels we have, we use state of the art cloud computing technology. As you can also see, we are always monitoring our systems, and are the first to know if a problem occurs. We review this information regularly to look for any areas for improvement and to spot any trends that could lead to issues down the track.

As Cliniko grows, we are able to invest more into our cloud computing services, and we expect to only improve on these numbers. We have a performance upgrade coming through shortly, and eagerly await to see the impact on these metrics, and more importantly your experience using Cliniko.

If you have any questions about any of this, please use the comments below, or get in touch and we will be happy to discuss further.

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