Our first print ad — Australian Osteopathy Association

Joel Friedlaender·

We are very excited to have just received a copy of our first ever print ad for Cliniko. Typically we don’t spend much on advertising, we much rather use our resources to actually develop the system itself. Of course we do need to advertise a bit or we wouldn’t be able to grow as fast as we are.

Our first print ad has just been published in the Australian Osteopathic Association (AOA) magazine called Osteo Life. Thanks AOA for having us in your magazine, we hope that your members can benefit from Cliniko.

Here’s the ad…

Cliniko ad in Australian Osteopathic Association magazine.

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Joel Friedlaender is the founder of Cliniko. He writes about productivity, team-work, and how we do things differently. Follow him on Twitter at @jfriedlaender.

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