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Happy October! We hope you’re having a great month. At the time of publishing this blog, we’re looking for a few software developers to join our team! If you or someone you know loves to code and cares about creating a positive impact through work, you'll find more details on the role right here.

Cliniko news

On the blog

  • At Cliniko, we’ve never had employee KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Evidence suggests that these measurements can hinder rather than help employee performance and negatively impact work culture. Read our thoughts here!
  • Virtual assistants (known as VAs) can help ease clinic growing pains and also provide some much-needed help if you’re feeling in over your head. Learn more about the basics of looking for a VA service, and how to spot the good ones.
  • Dave James knows his stuff when it comes to helping practice owners reach their goals of building a successful business while also living happy, fulfilling lives. He has some sage advice on how to avoid some common missteps when building a private practice.

Clinic story

David Birley of The Osteopaths, aGeelong-based clinic, knows what it takes to start a business from scratch. In fact, he’s done it twice: once in New Zealand, and one in Australia. He has some well-earned advice on what it takes to rebuild from the ground up and operate a successful in-person and remote clinic.

Connected App

Oncord is a digital marketing platform, and its integration with Cliniko allows you to send targeted messages to customers. You can tailor your communications to their specific situations or their interactions with your practice.

We hope you’re having a great month. As always, thanks for stopping by, and we’ll be back next month with more updates!

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Emily Gable is a writer for Cliniko. When not blogging about practice management or writing how-to guides for the Cliniko support site, she enjoys hanging out with her dogs, eating pizza, and attempting to be a runner.

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