Telehealth is coming to Cliniko!

We're rolling out a new telehealth feature to help you through this tough period, and it will be free of charge for now. Read the full announcement below.

Joel Friedlaender·

A screenshot of Cliniko's upcoming telehealth feature, showing Dr. Dog on a video appointment with one of our developers

Update: We're live! Read more about our Telehealth feature.

Lately, we've talked about how telehealth can help you and your business through this period. I guess it's only fair that we make it super easy for you to implement too.

I'll be honest, we weren't planning on adding telehealth to Cliniko, so it's been a bit of a mad rush in the last week to switch over and get it ready for you in a timely fashion.

It's coming along nicely, it looks like we may have it in your hands within a week. It will be in "beta" to start with, meaning it will be a bit basic, but we will continue improving it daily once it's live. It will be secure from day one.

It will be free for now, but as we have costs associated with providing it, we will have to charge for usage at some point in the near future. We'll keep the price as low as possible, this isn't a money making thing for us, we're just trying to help you with what you need right now.

For more information on setting up telehealth, please visit our help page on adapting your business with telehealth. There, you'll find a video interview with Karen Finnin of Online Physio and more resources to help you get started.

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