Custom patient field placeholders now available!

When creating & editing your communication templates, you’ll now see an option to include your custom patient fields as placeholders!

Rachel Harkness·

In this video, Rachel demonstrates the steps to create custom fields and adding placeholders within your Cliniko account.

Custom patient field placeholders can now be added to letters, appointment confirmations, reminders, cancellations, and invoice templates!

Adding custom patient fields

To add or modify existing custom patient fields to your account, head over to Settings → Custom patient fields:

Settings page

From here, Administrators or Power receptionists can create, edit, or archive patient fields. If any updates are made, just make sure to save your changes.

Adding custom patient field placeholders to templates

When editing your communication templates, you’ll then see a list of custom patient fields within the Patient placeholders drop-down:

Patient Placeholders

At the bottom of the placeholders list, any custom fields will be automatically grouped by the custom patient field section title added in Settings → Custom patient fields:

Placeholder drop-down

Once your placeholders have been added, to see an example of what the communication will look like for your patients click View sample :

Email preview

Just note: If a field is archived after it’s already been used as a placeholder, we would substitute it with a blank. Additionally, if no custom patient details have been saved for the patient, no information will be displayed.

Of course, make sure to save any changes to your communications and once completed, you’re all set!

Custom patient field placeholders in SMS Reminders

While custom patient fields placeholders can be added to SMS Reminders, depending on the content, it can add additional length to your SMS reminders so it may result in additional SMS Credits.

SMS Credit costs

We hope you love the new custom patient fields placeholders feature and if you have any questions, reach out to our support team.

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Rachel Harkness is an energetic content creator at Cliniko by day, but outside of work, she's a dog mom and caramel macchiato enthusiast. She's also known to be easily distracted by sloths, Pikachu, and wombats.

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