Releases, improvements, and fixes: Foot diagrams, preferred first names, services per clinic, and more!

Emily Gable·

The last couple of weeks have been quite exciting! We’ve been busy little bumblebees 🐝 and have been releasing a ton of new changes — some are more obvious than others, but all of them have been beneficial to Cliniko’s performance! 🙌

Let’s take a trip back in time to see what our fabulous development team released over the last week 😎

  • We added foot diagrams to every Cliniko account — so for those of you who were quite enamoured with the foot template that the lovely Rachel demonstrated here, well, you now have your very own! 👣
  • If you’ve ever synced a ton of invoices and payments over to Xero at once, you may have noticed that sometimes it was a little slow. We’ve made some changes that will speed the sync process up! 🙌
  • Incoming SMS monitoring has been improved — which means that duplicated SMS replies are a thing of the past.
  • We fixed a bug 🐛with online bookings — the “daily limit” wasn’t working correctly, and was sometimes blocking people from being able to book more than a few appointments. 🤔 That wasn’t super helpful! 😅 ’Tis fixed now!
  • The Appointments page was acting up and refusing to scroll, meaning the bottom part of the calendar couldn’t be accessed by some people! 😱 This…wasn’t too useful. So we fixed it!
  • If patients were sending multiple replies to an SMS message, we were only showing the first reply. 😐 Not too handy if someone first replies “Yes” to confirm, but then later on replies with a change. (You wouldn’t have received that second message!) We’ve fixed this up now, though, so all replies to the same SMS will be properly displayed! 👯‍
  • If you offered group appointments on your online bookings page, they weren’t showing up if they were spread across a “segment” of the day (morning to afternoon, or afternoon to evening). We fixed that up, so if you’re offering classes from, for example, 11:30 to 12:30 or 4:30 to 5:30, they’ll show up for patients to book into!
  • We fixed up a little quirk involving treatment notes and the merging of duplicate patients. Previously, some notes were getting hidden, post-merge — so it looked like they didn’t exist anymore! 😱 This is no longer the case, though — all notes will remain visible after merging duplicate patients!
  • Patients can now have preferred first names!💃
  • We now display a warning if you’re about to accidentally close out of an appointment pop-up. 👍 This means fewer lost-by-mistake appointments!
  • There was a bug with letters — if you emailed a letter as a PDF attachment and didn’t write anything in the “body” text field, you’d get an error. 🙄That wasn’t good, so we fixed it!
  • With a patient’s list of appointments, any that occur in the future now have an “Upcoming” label on them — making it easier to get an at-a-glance view of what’s on the books!
  • We’ve added the ability to record communications you have with patients — so, for instance, a phone call, email, SMS, or even an in-person conversation! 💬
  • Services can now be offered at specific clinics! 📅 🙌 For example, if you offer a pilates class at your studio in the middle of the city but not at your clinic out in the ‘burbs, patients can only select that pilates class at the city location!
User interface with services provided by a clinic.

Offer specific services at specific business locations!

  • If you offer appointments at multiple clinics, the online bookings page will display maps for those clinics — we made some behind-the-scenes changes that will help those maps to load faster, which means your online bookings page will load faster, which means great things for all! 🗺

That’s a wrap! 🌯 If you want to stay up-to-date on the happenings of Cliniko, feel free to keep your eyes 👀on the Updates & Changes section of the Cliniko Community — you can also check out the Cliniko blog, Twitter, and our Facebook page!

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Emily Gable is a writer for Cliniko. When not blogging about practice management or writing how-to guides for the Cliniko support site, she enjoys hanging out with her dogs, eating pizza, and attempting to be a runner.

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