Services can now be offered at specific clinics!

Emily Gable·

If you have multiple clinics but don’t offer the same services at each place, we’ve got your back. 💪 You can now specify which services should be offered at each clinic— making it easy to present patients with only the right services in your online bookings. 🤩

This can be set up in two places: the appointment type setting itself, or the business setting.

When adding or editing an appointment type, you’ll be able to select where you want to offer that service:

Checkboxes with name of services provided.

Selecting which services a particular business provides.

And when adding or editing a business, you’ll be able to select which services are offered there:

Checkboxes with names of business that provide a specific service

Selecting which businesses a particular service should be offered at.

We know you’ve been asking for this, and we’re happy to have a solution ready for you!

As always, let us know if you have any questions! Our friendly support team can be reached via the Chat → Help with us link in your Cliniko account! 💬

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