Cliniko is ‘professionally approved’ by the College of Podiatry (UK)

As a recognised industry leader, Cliniko gives you all the tools you need to easily manage and grow your podiatry practice while freeing up your time to help your patients heal.

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Logo: The College of Podiatry Professionally Approved 2021

The UK’s College of Podiatry (COP) has ‘professionally approved’ Cliniko, deeming it a good fit for its membership of over 10,000 podiatrists. We are the first (and still only) practice management system to receive this designation from the College.

The COP—previously known as The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists—is the leading podiatry association in the UK. It’s responsible for advancing the role of podiatry in health care across the country, and supports members through its trade union, legal advocacy, and professional development programmes.

We are thrilled to have earned this designation and proud to continue supporting podiatrists everywhere.

What does the College like about Cliniko?

We’re proud to have helped podiatrists manage and grow their businesses ever since our founding nearly 10 years ago. And now, after being assessed and evaluated by expert podiatrists, it’s great to get this confirmation.

Here’s a small sampling of some of the reasons the College of Podiatry has professionally approved Cliniko.

Privacy and data security is our top priority.

Cliniko complies with all the privacy regulations of the UK GDPR and follows the guidelines laid out by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

We take data security seriously, leaving nothing to chance. All communications travelling between Cliniko and your device are encrypted. No one else can read them. Your information is also encrypted at rest, while stored on our secure servers located in the UK.

A full backup of your data is done daily, along with streaming incremental back-ups running 24/7. All backups even have their own backup, with appropriate contingency plans in case there’s ever an interruption. In other words, you can sleep well, knowing your information is safe.

We’ve laid out the details of our security measures on our website if you’d like to learn more.

Patient info and communication.

Cliniko is thoughtfully designed to make your daily tasks as easy as possible. Importing your existing data is a breeze, and you can start a new patient file with the touch of a button from any computer, mobile device, or tablet. Health records are intuitive to create and easy to read, with treatment history quickly viewable.

No one knows your needs better than you, right? That’s why Cliniko lets you customise your treatment notes to suit the needs of your practice. And when you’re taking notes, you’re able to draw directly on foot charts and even handwrite on forms, so your words are automatically transposed into typed text. Once you create a new note, it will be available to anyone on the team, anywhere.

Stay in touch with your patients through SMS messages and email. You can automate appointment reminders, send bulk messages to all (or some) of your patient list, and provide letters or referrals for patients. We also have an integration with Mailchimp to give you access to additional email marketing and automation tools.

Create intake forms and email them to your patients before an appointment. If you need something different, you can also build questionnaires, policy agreements, or anything else you might think of. Your patients can receive, complete, and submit the forms back to you all online, from any device—including their electronic signature. Their submitted forms are automatically saved within their patient file.

Cliniko grows your business.

Every clinic and practitioner is unique with different needs and circumstances, and we know these can change over time. Cliniko is designed to scale with your business in a few important ways and be an effective tool for everyone on the team.

Cliniko can not only support anywhere from one to hundreds of users, but it can also help you manage and communicate with your team across multiple locations.

Your account supports up to six different user security permission levels, so your team can access the role-specific information they need while still keeping sensitive data protected.

Clinko also includes built-in reporting tools to help you track things like new patients and referral sources, so you can see what’s working to grow your business.

You’re also able to customise your day-to-day experience with tons of software integrations that can enhance every aspect of your practice. From booking your patients, to helping them heal, to managing your clinic’s finances—we’ve got it all.

Take a look at our ‘Connected apps’ page to see what’s available and add whichever integrations best suit your needs.

How does this approval impact you?

If you’re already using Cliniko for your podiatry practice, let the College’s ‘professional approval’ serve as a confirmation that you’ve made a wise choice. We think so too! 😉

If you haven’t tried Cliniko yet, maybe now is the time to start. Begin your free trial today and discover all the ways Cliniko can make it easier to manage your podiatry clinic.

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