Cliniko Recent Updates - December 2014

Emily Gable·

Happy new year, everyone! Over the past couple of months, we’ve been super busy and we’ve released some awesome new (and highly sought-after) features! Here goes…

  • We improved an issue with Xero and synchronizing invoices and payments from a previous date. There had been some instances where not all past invoices were showing up due to limits with the Xero API, and not all past payments were going through (also due to limits with the API). This has been fixed!
  • We made some “behind the scenes” changes to treatment note and patient exports. The results of the export look the same, but the time it takes to actually run the export is quicker!
  • There were a few instances of duplicate line items showing up on invoices when they were synced over to Xero (this was a bug that was accidentally introduced when we updated another part of our Xero integration). It has been fixed.
  • We fixed a bug that was causing placeholders in letters and SMS/email reminders to go missing (but only if the letter templates or message templates had been edited between certain dates). We’ve updated it!
  • We fixed an issue with the tablet version of Cliniko and treatment notes — previously, if you were working on a tablet, when you tried to save a treatment note as a draft it was saving it as final. You can now save drafts on tablets again!
  • We made a huge update to patient referral sources. The ways to track these are now much, much more detailed and easier to review!
  • The limit for recurring appointments has been increased! You can now set appointments to recur up to 500 times, rather than 100.
  • We fixed a small issue with SMS messages being forwarded to email addresses. The appointment time had not been accounting for different time zones, and was always displaying in AEST, even if you weren’t in that time zone. This has now been fixed.
  • We increased the character limit for Product names to 80 characters (it was previously 40, and if names were longer than that, it would shorten them and you’d need to hover over them to see the full name).
  • We fixed some layout issues for treatment note PDFs — the title of the note no longer appears on every page (this was cluttering the notes up), and the footer was the wrong color on every page except for the last. Both of these have been fixed.
  • When emailing an invoice to the “Other” email address on file, it will now indicate if the invoice has been paid.
  • Medical alerts were improved. There was a 255 character count limit on the alert, but if the length exceeded that, you wouldn’t get an error message. Now the system will alert you if the character count exceeds 255.
  • We added a “Letters” export to the Data Exports function! Now you can export a spreadsheet with letter details, similar to the treatment note export. (We also fixed a bug that was introduced to the letter exports after we had released the feature.)
  • We introduced the wait list! This was a huge feature release for us (and you!), and we’re quite excited about it!
  • Subsequently, with the wait list, we fixed a few related bugs that popped up after its release.
  • We fixed an issue with email notifications (i.e. online bookings or SMS credits running low) not being delivered at times. This was happening if there was a comma or other punctuation in a user’s name; it has been updated!
  • We added currency support for the Mozambican metical and the Bostwana pula.
  • We added an invoice ID to the “Appointments” data export — this is to assist in knowing which appointments have invoices attached (or which ones are missing invoices).
  • You can now adjust the space underneath the logo for letters.
  • When creating an invoice from the “Invoices” tab, the field for the patient’s name will automatically open into a drop-down, so you can type the name in. (It’s a small change, but one that may save you some time!)
  • We made some improvements to the “Patients without upcoming appointments” report! There’s now a filter so that you can specify the date range to find someone’s last appointment, and the patient’s address details are also now included in the report.
  • We changed the order of appointment types and practitioners in the “Appointment types” report — appointment types are now ordered by category and name, and practitioners are ordered by first and last name.
  • Inactive practitioners and other users are now hidden, making your list of users a lot cleaner-looking! (You can choose to display inactive users if you want, though!)
  • We fixed an issue with the calendar notification for a cancelled appointment. If you cancelled an appointment from a patient who had been on the wait list, it was sometimes happening that a red box would show up on the screen and the appointment wouldn’t actually get cancelled. This has been updated.
  • We made some adjustments to performance that will now allow for faster page load times!
  • We restyled the calendar controls to be easier to use on touchscreen devices (and this freed up some room on the page for other elements).
  • We also restyled the keyboard shortcuts page — it looks quite a bit prettier!
  • List pages (i.e. Patients, Payments, Invoices, etc.) have been made to look nicer! They now take full advantage of your screen size, regardless of how large it is! We also updated the heading font to look a bit cleaner.
  • You can now search for products by their associated notes (as well as name or supplier)!
  • We fixed a bug having to do with account statements — if an account statement was emailed to a patient, the currency displayed in the “Source” column didn’t match the currency displayed in the “Total” column. This has been updated!

That was quite the list — thanks for reading! We’re incredibly excited about what’s on the table for 2015, and can’t wait to get started. As usual, you can follow our progress in the Updates and Changes forum. Happy new year, everyone!

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Emily Gable is a writer for Cliniko. When not blogging about practice management or writing how-to guides for the Cliniko support site, she enjoys hanging out with her dogs, eating pizza, and attempting to be a runner.

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